Sunday, 13 November 2011

Back to Work

Decided not to finish my holiday blog. Seems like ages ago now and I am back into the swing of things with work and hobbies. Have got lots of projects to tell you about. Finally finished decorating my bedroom. The two bedside cabinets in last blog turned out great, and I bought this chest of drawers to paint, as the other dressing table I bought just didn't have enough drawer space for me. Painted this one in Old White, and left the original handles on as they look really nice. I did add the same wallpaper I used on the tops of the bedside cabinets and this tied all the furniture together really nicely.

Chest of drawers before
I was also thinking of putting an oval mirror on the wall above but then remembered I had bought a swing mirror at a car boot sale for £5 months ago. I fished it out of the shed and painted it to match and it looks perfect
Chest of drawers after with added mirror
I left most of my room white but painted feature walls in a nice Homebase colour "Chartreuse". Russell bought me all the furniture  and bedding for my Christmas, and I love it!!  The framed pictures above the bed are photos from our holiday I had enlarged, mounted in £15 IKEA ribba frames. Also sold my old bedside cabinets from IKEA on ebay for £25!

Finished bedroom :-)
I had also been renovating a really nice Waring & Gillow dressing table, but wen I took it apart to paint it one of the clips on the swing mirror snapped. Luckily I have a very clever Father in Law, who repaired the piece for me. Listed it on ebay and Folksy yesterday afternoon and sold it the same day. Nice local gentleman came and picked it up this morning, and was very happy with it. Sold for £95. I will have to decide which piece of furniture to tackle next. I have a big sideboard, and also a really nice welsh dresser in the shed.
Waring & Gillow Dressing Table

Relisted a lot of jewellery on my Etsy site and have had 2 sales this weekend too. Sold a FLASH and a SUPERMAN necklace, so will gift wrap and package them up today for posting tomorrow. One is going to San Diego.

Going to try and keep my blog up to date weekly now, things kind of slipped when I got back from holiday in September. Will let you know next week which piece of furniture I decided to renovate next!