Friday, 27 May 2011

Extra long weekend!

Took today off work today so have a 4 day weekend! I was going to sand down the top of the giant heavy dining room table today but it looked like it was going to rain, so decided to make a start to the dining chairs instead. Got the first coat on (Annie Sloan "Versaille") then going to put a coat of "old white" on top, then wax and distress back so that some of the green shows through. Really like the versailles and have sent a pic to my friend to see if she wants me to leave that colour?

I did have a nice long lie this morning, and caught up on lots of paperwork, tidying and washing :-)

Planning to settle down to watch a horror film "Fertile Ground" - looks very scary, and might even have a wee glass of wine. Must admit we are both scary movie fans, some of our favourites are subtitled Japanese films. We both have such different tastes in movies but this is something we enjoy watching together, as well as a good thriller or comedy

Busy day tomorrow too, hair cut in the morning, some shopping in Crewe, then going to head up to IKEA at Warrington for a walk round. Don't really need anything but we love going for a browse and always come home with something, will have a look in bargain corner. Might even have dinner there

Started watching a brilliant programme on Food Network channel called "Cup Cake Wars". Starts off with 4 contestants and they narrow it down to 2. The final 2 then have 2 hours to make 1,000 cupcakes and present them on a display. Winner also gets $10,000. Just cant believe how imaginative they are not only with decoration but with ingredients, which have included wine, pomegranate and bacon!! Makes me feel like making some, or at least buying some to eat, they are amazing!!!

Think we will have to look for a good cupcake shop this weekend ;-)

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Blackpool !!!

Headed up to Blackpool on Friday after work. M6 was clear so made it up in about 90 mins! Got a great deal in the sale at Travelodge South Shore - £19! Dropped our stuff off then went for a walk down to the front, lovely evening, dry and breezy. Sat in for fish and chips in a really nice restaurant called "C Breeze" then walked along to the tower. Most things were closed but managed to pick up s.ome rock to take back. They are doing a lot of work to improve the shore front and the part that we saw that is complete looks fantastic!! Good chance to try out different settings on my new camera :-)


After a long walk along the front to work off some of dinner we headed back to the hotel for a nice cup of tea before bed.
As we were walking back we had such a laugh looking at all the B&B's along the front. Just had to snap a pic of this one - Would you stay in a B&B like this????
 Today (Sunday) had a nice long lie. Weather not great for car boot sales so just tidying and cleaning house and will probably start work on my friend's furniture this afternoon. Also got to pop out to pick up a table I got for £5 on eBay this week.
Really looking forward to a long weekend next weekend with Bank Holiday monday off :-)

Sunday, 15 May 2011

House full of Furniture !

Well, I didn't actually do a lot of work this weekend but it was still a very productive weekend.
First of all -  Really nice couple came to pick up the chest of drawers this morning, all the way from Bury. They loved it and gave me excellent feedback -
Better than described, and they fit in perfectly! Thank you.

Also finished off the black side table and got it listed on eBay.
Have put it on for £50 or best offer. Really don't want to overprice,  but at the same time, a lot of work goes into these pieces and I dont want to undercharge either. eBay also take a big cut which eats into the profit

Must own up to spending a bit too much time this weekend practising GUITAR HERO. It is so much fun, but we will have to pick up a second guitar next weekend so we don't fight over who's turn it is!!! 

Popped up to my friend's in Congleton this afternoon and she showed me all the things she would like painted. I have come home with a freakishly heavy extendable dining table, and 2 matching chairs (all I could fit in the Jeep). I am going to try out a couple of colour ideas for her to have a look at then hopefully get started with the sanding next weekend (weather permitting).
She was also telling me about a really good car boot sale she goes to somewhere up near Alsager so we are going to check that out in the next few weeks.
Coming to the end of the weekend. It's been a really nice one. Shopping was excellent, as always, in Derby, and got shoes, trousers and a nice shirt ;-)  Also got some beautiful paper to use for the bureau, a grey/green colour with deep purple chrysanthemums. Cant wait to see how it will look!

Back to work tomorrow, but I have a trip to Blackpool to look forward to next weekend, a £19 stay at Travelodge on South Shore. Fish and Chips on the front, bracing sea air to blow away the cobwebs, a flutter on the arcade machines, some shopping,  and home for Saturday evening.

                                                                         Have a great week!!!

Friday, 13 May 2011

TFI Friday !

Managed to get away early from work today and dropped by Tesco to get some goodies in for the weekend. It's been a long week, but while browsing eBay for furniture to do up after dinner I got "best offer" on the white chest of drawers and sold for £55 :-) being picked up on Sunday

Nearly finished the black table and hoping to list over the weekend, and popping up to see a friend from work on Sunday who has some furniture she would like me to "shabby chic" for her. She was going to have a go herself but is 7 months pregnant and in the middle of having an extension bulit, so up to her eyes!!

I have a pine bureau, and 3 garden chairs waiting in the wings too, and I have ordered in plenty of Annie Sloan paint as it's not easy to get hold of round here. There is a supplier in Scotland I can collect from when I am up for family visits. Think it would be a good idea to tell you a bit more about this paint as I think it's brill!

Chalk Paint is a unique paint in 24 decorative and historical colours made specifically for painting furniture, painting floors, painting 'blackboards' and for giving walls a completely matt velvety finish.
Old White
Country Grey
Paris Grey
Old Ochre
Emperor's Silk
Scandinavian Pink
Primer Red
Old Violet
Duck Egg Blue
Antibes Green
Louis Blue
Aubusson Blue
Ch√Ęteau Grey
Greek Blue

This is THE paint to use for the painted French and Swedish look on furniture where the paintwork shows a patina of history. The paint is soft and easy to patinate taking wax to give it a beautiful mellow and protective finish. The colours have been inspired by European 18th century furniture and have been made bright and rich, bearing in mind that they will be darkened with wax. Like all annieSLOAN paints none of the colours except Graphite contain black pigment, allowing for combining colours, further mixing and layering without the paint dulling.

For Floors - use a roller to paint the floor. You may need one or two coats depending on the colour of the wood or concrete and the colour of the paint. Light colours will need more coats generally. Varnish with Hannant's Extra Strong varnish.
For a Blackboard that's not black! - apply three coats of paint to wall or wood. Allow to dry overnight. Clean with a slightly damp cloth
For Garden furniture - paint over wood, metal, matt plastic or terracotta and leave to harden overnight before exposing to rain. No need to varnish or wax Matt walls - use on walls for a completely matt effect but remember this is best for anywhere that is not going to get a lot of wear and tear.

On a practical note, the woodwork NEEDS NO PRIMING, NO PREPARATION as it will stick to almost everything -old waxed pine, melamine and varnished wood included. Knots on new wood need to be sealed with Knotting solution. Great coverage but does depend on what you are painting,but a rough guide is 13 square metres.
The paint allows walls to breathe and is a simple eco friendly water based paint. Wash brushes out in water.

Not sure how much work I will get done this weekend as I have just been paid today and I am going shopping in Derby tomorrow :-) My husband is also planning to buy Guitar hero for the XBOX360 tomorrow so I plan to spend some time playing with that over the weekend too.  I will update probably Sunday to let you know if I got anything done.

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Better do some work today

Put off starting work by making some lunch, but suppose I'd better get started. I have to make the most of my weekends.
Listed this chest of drawers on eBay last night and have already had some interest, 2 watchers and a question.

Gave it 2 coats of Annie Sloan "Old White" chalk paint, then waxed with Annie Sloan clear wax before distressing with med sand paper followed by some more wax which was buffed to a soft sheen. I also changed the handle as one of them had bits missing, love these art nouveau style ones I found on eBay!

My next project is a small side table I bought on eBay for £5. I thought I would try something different with this one as I don't just want to stick with the shabby chic style for everything I do. I picked up a gorgeous sample of Sophie Conran wallpaper in B&Q and decided to use for the top of the table. Lightly sanded and primed the whole piece, including the wee drawer, then painted in a black silk paint, but painted the inside of the drawer in a gorgeous red to match the paper. Still trying to decide on a handle for this piece, I bought an edwardian style red glass knob on eBay but still not sure about it. I will make up my mind when it is finished.

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