Tuesday, 20 August 2013

5 Days Till Vegas !

It's been a weird year of good and bad news, and lots of change.
Another relative passed away last month, my Uncle David. He was a wonderful man and lived to see 91!! We will all miss him. I travelled up to Edinburgh for the funeral and it was a really lovely service at the graveside. The funeral spray was made up of beautiful flowers from South Africa, where he lived most of his life.

There has just been so much going on with having our house on the market, applying for jobs, trips to Scotland etc that I have not painted any furniture for a couple of months and I am not only missing the transformations, but also the extra income it provides. Once we are back from holiday in September I will be getting back into it again. I have a shed full of items to paint now thanks to the wonderful Nantwich Car Boot sale, which I have still been going to most Sundays. Here are a few of my recent purchases.

As you can see I have loads of cool projects to get started on. I also still have the big pine dresser to paint !

On the good news front, I am now officially a Keele University employee, and start my new job as Receptionist/Administrative Assistant when I get back from my holiday. This post is a lot less stressful that my last Senior Administrator post, but I have had to take quite a big cut in salary, so the furniture painting will help out a bit.

We are on the final countdown to our summer holiday and we are so excited. Busy washing ironing and looking things out to pack this week, and we have a second viewing on the house this Thursday evening. I may post a blog from the US if I have time, just to show you some pics of the places we visit. We are having a week in Vegas and a week in Florida, and plan to visit as many shops as possible in our 2 weeks!!

Take care, and I promise to get back into blogging and painting very soon!