Sunday, 16 March 2014

Empire State of Mind

Well, it's a while now since I last blogged, but things have been a bit crazy in the Crawford house! The house we were going to buy turned out to have a mine shaft entrance under the dining room, so we pulled out of the sale.

 I am a great believer in things happening for a reason, and within a week we had found another house that we love, and sold our own! The big move will be next month after I get back from New York.  As I said it's been a hectic month, and I also interviewed for a new job, which I got, and start 16th May. I will be on secondment as an Administrator to the Medical School Executive :0)

I love working alongside Russell at Keele and this is a great opportunity for me.
I have also been busy making Scottish tablet as favours for the New York wedding. 150 pieces all individually wrapped and ready to go. The wee labels say "Scottish tablet, made with love"

So, a week on Thursday I fly to New York with my sister. On the Friday evening we will be attending the wedding rehearsal dinner and cocktail evening. The wedding is on Saturday, and as it is the UK Mothers Day on the Sunday my son has arranged a special dinner at The Smith in Manhattan, and invited all my family that will be in New York for his big day. It is going to be an awesome weekend!!

My sister and I decided to stay in an apartment in Brooklyn while we are there for the week. It worked out much cheaper than a hotel, and we have our own rooms, a kitchen, bathroom and lounge.

With so much going on I haven't had a lot of time for furniture painting. I did however sell the lovely GRAPHITE stencilled chair. The lady that bought it also wanted to buy the other 2 matching chairs that I had. She asked for one to be painted in PROVENCE, and the other in EMPERORS SILK with the same stencilling on the seat.

I think it looks stunning in the red! I will tone the colour down slightly by using a mixture of clear and dark wax to seal and protect. The stencilling on the PROVENCE one is very subtle, and I think it looks really nice. I kept the stencil colour similar for all three to tie them together.

I am also starting to think about furniture for our new house, and colour schemes etc. I bought 2 bedside cabinets on ebay today, and a pair of lamps that will look good on them. 

I don't think I will have time now to start any new projects before I leave on 25th, but it will be a busy time when I get home with packing for the move. I may not have time to blog before I go but when I get back I will write a special NY one full of pics from my trip!

Thanks for tuning in!!