Sunday, 7 July 2013

Sad week

Sorry I have not been around for the last week or so, but we had some bad news last weekend. My brother in law, Billy, passed away from a suspected heart attack. It is so sad as we all had such a wonderful day at his daughter's wedding 3 weeks ago. We are all stunned by the news and still can't quite believe it.


I have not been painting any new items since last Sunday, but we did find a new car boot sale to go to in Nantwich. It is a really good one, and is nice to walk round as it's in a field and has a cafe and toilets. Lots of lovely items for sale from Cheshire homes, and some bargains to be had :0) Such a friendly crowd that go.

Here are some of the things I bought...

2 nice pine shelf units
pine chair
Old wooden bedside cabinet
nice old painted chair
Solid balloon backed chair I will recover
Wooden framed beveled mirror
I also managed to get some nice material to upholster with. Dead cheap at the boot sale, these 2 large pieces cost me £2 for both. I watch tutorials on Youtube that show you how to do it :0)

I am also building up quite a nice collection of clear crystal candlesticks, none of them costing me more than £1 each. I saw a photo in a magazine of a dining table that had lots of these as a centerpiece with all the candles the same colour and it looked stunning!

Pinterest pic

Ones I have bought at car boot sales
I have also been buying a few shabby chic style table lamps, although one won't work :0( Once I get them all working I will sell them on ebay. I bought a new shade for the one in the centre of the pic and I might decorate it with little pom poms

So that's really all for this week. In the middle of a heat wave here so it  was far too hot in the conservatory to paint today so I had a relaxing afternoon watching the Wimbledon final :0)  What a match! Well done Andy!!

Next weekend we are driving down to Cardiff as Russell wants to visit the Dr Who Experience. We are staying over Friday night in a nearby Travelodge, then once we have been to the museum we will do some shopping in Cardiff before heading home.

Hope you have a good week!