Sunday, 24 June 2012

June already!!

Sorry I didn't get time to Blog last weekend. Had the in laws down from Scotland and they are hard work (Ha Ha, only put that as they will read this). 

It's been a busy week at work, and I have been too tired to do any painting in the evenings. Also had to go and have my eyes tested yesterday and choose some new glasses, which I am looking forward to getting in a couple of weeks. So today is the only day this week I have managed to do any "shabby chiccing".
Painted up the big two drawer chest I bought last year on eBay. Got quite used to having this in my lounge, but decided it was time to give it a makeover. 

Painted with Annie Sloan Old White, and decided not to distress as it is quite a plain design and I think it looks better without. I put the original crystally knobs back on, and I will wax it, then dress it up as a piece of  girlie bedroom furniture. Might put a mirror on top, will see how it looks.

Also painted this nice mirror I picked up at a car boot sale. The previous owner had painted it silver and the paint was starting to chip off. Gave it 2 coats of Annie Sloan chalk paint and looks fantastic now.
 Listed it on eBay tonight

Also painted the frame of this pretty embroidered picture, and lightly distressed. Also on eBay now.
I started painting up a nice tri-fold mirror I also bought at car boot sale. It was a mahogany coloured wood, and I have painted it in Old White as I may put it with a dressing table I want to paint soon.

I was so annoyed that I didn't get to a car boot sale today. The weather forecast said heavy rain so we decided not to bother, and it was beautiful ALL day.....Grrrrrrr
The Paris Grey sideboard has still not sold yet. It was originally listed for £120, but I now have it on eBay at £90 or "best offer". I think I will just keep relisting it till the right person comes along.

I sold the small bedside cabinet this week and it was collected this evening, so I am gradually moving all the furniture I have stored in the conservatory. Then I will start on the shed full of stuff !!

10pm now. I love it being so light in the evening now, it lets me work later on a Sunday
Had new business cards printed this week too, really pleased with them as they have my email, eBay ID, blog link etc. They are great to hand out to buyers !

Have a good week
Can't believe we are half way through the year already!

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Jubilee Weekend Part 2

Well. I have been really busy!
I managed to finish the sideboard I bought last weekend. I decided to try out the new Annie Sloan dark wax I bought a while back. I read some blogs on how best to use it and decided to mix it half and half with clear wax so it wouldn't go on too dark, and it has worked really well. Decided to give you a walk through with captioned photos of the transformation. Now I am just spoiling you!
Anyway here goes........ starting with the "before" pic

Previous owner has painted with gold paint

Turned upside down to paint legs etc easier

Masked off mirror as couldn't remove

Lightly distressed with medium grade sandpaper

New half & half wax applied

before and after wax easy to see here

applying wax over 2 coats of Paris Grey

Just the drawers left to do

drawers now painted. You can see the change in colour with wax

All done! Listed on eBay now

What a difference, wish I had space for it !
Not only that, but I also finished off two bedside cabinets

3 drawer cabinet
I also managed to finish one of the desks that I was painting for that local businessman I told you about. This is the desk and mirror I painted for him.

I had agreed to sell to him for £50, but I am sure I could get more than that on eBay.
I have loads of other smaller projects I have been working on too, and my conservatory looks like Dagfields....AGAIN!

Bought 2 of these nice wooden plate racks at the car boot sale last week, so have listed on eBay. They could do with a coat of paint, but are not too bad so decided just to sell them without painting.

I got some nice feedback on eBay this week from the person in New Zealand who bought the Belle Fiore trinket box from me. It arrived safely 10 days after posting and he is over the moon with it.

Well, back to work tomorrow after the lovely long Jubilee Weekend, at least there are only 3 days left

Have a great week!

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Diamond Jubilee Weekend...Yeh!

Well it is Sunday lunchtime, and I am about to start work on my furniture. Thought I would do a before the bank holiday weekend, and then one after to show you what I managed to get done.

I have already been for an overnight stay in Blackpool on Friday, shopping in Blackpool on Saturday, and a trip to IKEA in Warrigton on the way home. Nice chinese last night and a relaxing long lie this morning. Just had lunch and raring to go now :-)

Opposite Blackpool Tower on Pomenade

Had an offer from a local businessman in Sandbach last weekend to buy some furniture from me to sell in his warehouse, but I have emailed him this morning to say I would rather not. I have been working on 2 x dressing tables for him, and I have not enjoyed refurbishing them as much as usual. This could be be down to the lower price deal I made with him, or the fact I will miss out on the actual sale on eBay which I enjoy, and meeting the buyer when they come to collect (which can also lead to more business)
 He was very understanding, and is going to buy 1 of the dressing tables for the price we agreed, and will also buy anything, at a reduced price, that I am struggling to sell in the future.

Oh, I also went quad biking last weekend!

Quad Biking with Russell at Ashcroft Park, Uttoxeter
Last weekend's car boot sale was good, and I also bought a nice old sideboard on eBay, I will post some more pics on the second part of this blog on Tuesday.