Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Best week yet!!!

Well, I just had to let you know what happened after I listed the furniture on eBay. I listed the 2 x tables on Sunday, and on Monday I finished off the small dresser and listed that too. I was not that keen on it, but once I had finished you wouldn't know it was the same one!

The console table was bought on eBay by a work colleague for £35. The nice table with the paper on the top was picked up this evening, I got £25 for it. The dresser above sold today on eBay for £78. Not bad for a long weekend's work. I also managed to list the photo frame

and I finished off the dressing table mirror and listed that too

I have also won some new furniture on eBay. Picked up a lovely chunky solid pine bedside table on the way home from work tonight. Russell is picking up 2 bedside tables in wrought iron and rattan on Thursday for me (not sure what to do with them yet). I also managed to get a grey painted dresser on an eBay auction from a shop that is closing down. It has to be my bargain of the week at £15!

Maybe not such a great batgain after all. The seller has just texted to say that it is not in 2 parts, so we will not get it in the Jeep. I will probably have to pay now for a van to deliver it to me :-(

 Really can't believe everything is selling so quickly, and it does make me wonder if I am not charging enough. Will keep an eye on similar eBay auctions and see what they are selling for, although an awful lot of shabby chic stuff is overpriced and not selling at all!

Can't wait to get started on my next project, can't decide which to tackle next? The dressing table, the chest of drawers? The country style table and chairs?

Have a good week!

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Sunday Update

Well it's Sunday late afternoon now and the sun is starting to go down, which means I wont get much more done today. Still have Monday though!

I managed to take some better photos of the console style table, and also finished the chunky white table that I added paper to the top of

I have also spent hours painting the small dresser, but I am not very happy with it, mainly due to the fact that it is not a very well made piece. It was sold to me as having leaded glass doors, but they are perspex with stick on leading. Just not up to the normally great standard of furniture you can buy on eBay. I have however put a lot of time into it, and it has cost me quite a lot in materials, so I will finish it off and list it for a fair price and see what happens.

Won a nice chunky pine bedside table on eBay yesterday so will pick that up on Tuesday after work. Might try out my new Old Violet on that one.

Shabby chic'd a couple of nice large pine photo frames too this weekend, and have just listed them on eBay. They still have the price tags of £12 on them, but I got them for £1 each at car boot sale ;-)

I am really enjoying this weekend as I have had full days to crack on with my projects! Will hopefully finish the small dresser tomorrow and I will put some pics on here. Also painting up a nice dressing table mirror which I had to repair first, so I really have got loads done so far. Going to go and tidy up now as light almost gone. Time to make dinner too, then I will have a nice soak in the bath as my arms are aching from all the painting and wax buffing!

We are going to Blackpool next weekend for an overnight trip, so really looking forward to fish and chips and a nice long walk along the sea front. Heading up to stay over Friday evening so I will still have lots of time on Sunday to work :-)

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Nice Long Weekend !!

Writing this midweek as I didnt have time to blog last weekend ( so busy) and I am excited about this weekend coming! It's been hectic at work with a Health & Safety Audit last week, so asked for Friday and Monday off. So a nice long 4 day weekend ahead :-)

We had a Handyman in last Saturday putting tongue and groove panelling in our bathroom to freshen it up. Turned out really nice, but I had to get some paint on it before it got damaged with the water. So undercoated on Saturday evening, then put topcoat on on Sunday. 

Didnt get my furniture started till nearly 4pm. managed to get a table waxed but light faded so the pics I took are not great. will take some new ones on Friday when I am off.

Listed a nice bedside cabinet recently and sold it on eBay within a few hours. Got a good price for it too. Another small table I listed didn't go for much, but at least I made a small profit.

I really have to stop buying more furniture on eBay. I need to sell some of the stuff I have as the house is looking like a furniture store! Hope to get a lot done this weekend and get things listed on both eBay and Folksy. The pieces painted in Annie Sloan Old White seem to be the most popular. I never did sell that little black and red table I painted last year. I also have a new Annie Sloan colour to try out - Old Violet, just not sure which piece to try it on, and I bought myself a kit to try out "crackle glaze", so lots to look forward to :-)

This chunky table below I bought from a car boot sale a few weeks ago. It looked a bit plain all white so I chose a nice wallpaper that tones in well with the Old White. Just letting it dry, then I will give it a couple of coats of wax to seal it.

I will try to update again at the weekend once I have some new stuff to show you.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Hi Ho Hi Ho..............

Well this is a good weekend for getting on with my furniture.Had to stay in Saturday as we had a handyman in putting panelling up in our bathroom. The snow started around lunchtime, and we have around 5-6". Where we live at the bottom of a hill makes getting the cars out virtually impossible, thank goodness Russell has a Jeep! We should be ok for getting to work tomorrow, Russell will drive me in :-)

 Downside is my Sainsburys delivery couldn't get to us last night, and neither could the chinese take away! Thankfully we have the freezer well stocked. Anyway....got painting yesterday and painted a bedside cabinet, a console table, 2 side tables and made a start to a small dresser. Must admit by arms are aching this morning. Will try to get them waxed and buffed up today, arms permitting !

 Keeping an eye out for new stuff to buy on eBay but prices are not great just now, looking forward to the better weather when I can get round the car boot sales at the weekend for some bargains. I did buy a lovely little Edwardian? chair this week, but it is needing some work (one of the rungs is missing, and it is split at the top). Not sure I can mend it but will have a go.

Sales are steady too with my online jewellery stores, I seem to be getting most orders from the US on Etsy, but also had an order for a glass ring on Folksy this week.

Right, better get the heater on in the conservatory and get cracking. I have to make the most of my time at the weekend. Thanks for looking!