Monday, 14 October 2013

10 Weeks Until Christmas!

Haven't posted for a couple of weeks as I have just been busy with clearing out all my stuff and selling things in eBay. I sold the Dolls House and it was collected by a courier, Bit of a pain as I had to wrap it in 2 pieces, but at least the lady was pleased with it, and she got it for a great price.

I sold all the items of furniture I listed and everyone was delighted with their purchases. Also sold my set of golf clubs and my boxing gloves! (don't ask!!). 

Nice to have some money in my Paypal account to use for things for the new house or for Christmas presents. Can't believe it is only 10 weeks till Christmas. Hope we get an entry date set soon and get settled into the rental property well before then.

Really excited about the new house, and have been adding lots of ideas on colour schemes, decor etc to Pinterest. Also been shopping for my wedding outfit and think I may have found a dress from Phase Eight. Just need to get myself a fancy hat to go with it. I have emailed a local hat hire company so just waiting to hear back from them about whether they will allow me to take one of their hats to New York!

Sorry I have no shabby chic painting news, can't wait to set up my new workshop at the new house. I am taking over the garage and it will give me loads of space for storing paints and furniture, and for working too :0) Looking forward to setting it up.

My husband, Russell, has just started a blog on wordpress called RUSSTHECOLLECTOR
Check it out if you like comics, figures, statues, movies, superhero/sci-fi stuff