Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Retro Chic?

Sorry for not blogging last weekend. Can't think why I thought I would have time with the in-laws being down from Scotland for Russell's 40th Birthday weekend. We had a wonderful weekend and a special meal out at our favourite 2for1 pub, The Cheshire Tavern in Congleton. So, updates........

Finished off the little ENGLISH YELLOW bedside cabinet. I lined the cupboard with a pretty coordinating paper, and cleaned up the original handle and applied a little gold wax to brighten it up.

I had been unsure of this new yellow shade from  Annie Sloan, but it turned out nice, and it is now listed for sale on ebay. I also finished off the OLD WHITE mirror.

It had 2 coats of paint, then I sanded slightly to distress and finished off with a coat of clear wax.

I will hang on to this one in case I need it for the new house. Next I finished painting the beech chair in OLD WHITE. I think I will pair this one up with the little dressing I am also working on.

I decided that the dressing table was a little plain, so thought I would try out one of my new stencils, and as it is Valentine's Day this week I went with a pretty cut out heart.

I attached the stencil with masking tape and then stippled a mixture of PARIS GREY/OLD WHITE till I achieved the look I was going for.

I also painted the drawer knobs in PARIS GREY to tie the whole thing together. I like it!! although I am still not sure if the chair is a bit too chunky to go with it, maybe something smaller?

And as they say, "Now for something completely different"  I saw an old 60's retro display cabinet on ebay, and  thought it might look good in my new bedroom to display all my favourite accessories. I also wondered what it would look like transformed with chalk paint? My husband thought I was MAD, but when we went to pick it up on Sunday he actually loved it!

I have cleaned it up and started masking to paint next weekend :0) It is such an unusual design with sloped glass sides and a strange marble formica section at the front. 

The inside of the cabinet has a shiny vinyl paper covering it, and I am unsure whether to leave this, or paint it white. I just feel it would be a shame to paint over all of the 60's finish.

Now, you are going to think I am mad, but I bought a second one. This one has painted glass sliding doors, and needs a lot more work to clean it up before painting, but I do like the shape. Such a shame the legs are missing.

Heading of for a romantic Valentines overnight stay in Blackpool this Friday, and Russell is taking me out for a special meal at Bella Italia :0)  Looking forward to doing some shopping too on Saturday, and hopefully get my shoes for the wedding!

Diet is going well! Just reached the 7lb mark, and treated myself to a little Lindt chocolate bunny that my work colleague bought me  (Thank you Silvana)

Have a good week, and I promise to write again next Sunday!!