Friday, 27 May 2011

Extra long weekend!

Took today off work today so have a 4 day weekend! I was going to sand down the top of the giant heavy dining room table today but it looked like it was going to rain, so decided to make a start to the dining chairs instead. Got the first coat on (Annie Sloan "Versaille") then going to put a coat of "old white" on top, then wax and distress back so that some of the green shows through. Really like the versailles and have sent a pic to my friend to see if she wants me to leave that colour?

I did have a nice long lie this morning, and caught up on lots of paperwork, tidying and washing :-)

Planning to settle down to watch a horror film "Fertile Ground" - looks very scary, and might even have a wee glass of wine. Must admit we are both scary movie fans, some of our favourites are subtitled Japanese films. We both have such different tastes in movies but this is something we enjoy watching together, as well as a good thriller or comedy

Busy day tomorrow too, hair cut in the morning, some shopping in Crewe, then going to head up to IKEA at Warrington for a walk round. Don't really need anything but we love going for a browse and always come home with something, will have a look in bargain corner. Might even have dinner there

Started watching a brilliant programme on Food Network channel called "Cup Cake Wars". Starts off with 4 contestants and they narrow it down to 2. The final 2 then have 2 hours to make 1,000 cupcakes and present them on a display. Winner also gets $10,000. Just cant believe how imaginative they are not only with decoration but with ingredients, which have included wine, pomegranate and bacon!! Makes me feel like making some, or at least buying some to eat, they are amazing!!!

Think we will have to look for a good cupcake shop this weekend ;-)

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