Sunday, 15 May 2011

House full of Furniture !

Well, I didn't actually do a lot of work this weekend but it was still a very productive weekend.
First of all -  Really nice couple came to pick up the chest of drawers this morning, all the way from Bury. They loved it and gave me excellent feedback -
Better than described, and they fit in perfectly! Thank you.

Also finished off the black side table and got it listed on eBay.
Have put it on for £50 or best offer. Really don't want to overprice,  but at the same time, a lot of work goes into these pieces and I dont want to undercharge either. eBay also take a big cut which eats into the profit

Must own up to spending a bit too much time this weekend practising GUITAR HERO. It is so much fun, but we will have to pick up a second guitar next weekend so we don't fight over who's turn it is!!! 

Popped up to my friend's in Congleton this afternoon and she showed me all the things she would like painted. I have come home with a freakishly heavy extendable dining table, and 2 matching chairs (all I could fit in the Jeep). I am going to try out a couple of colour ideas for her to have a look at then hopefully get started with the sanding next weekend (weather permitting).
She was also telling me about a really good car boot sale she goes to somewhere up near Alsager so we are going to check that out in the next few weeks.
Coming to the end of the weekend. It's been a really nice one. Shopping was excellent, as always, in Derby, and got shoes, trousers and a nice shirt ;-)  Also got some beautiful paper to use for the bureau, a grey/green colour with deep purple chrysanthemums. Cant wait to see how it will look!

Back to work tomorrow, but I have a trip to Blackpool to look forward to next weekend, a £19 stay at Travelodge on South Shore. Fish and Chips on the front, bracing sea air to blow away the cobwebs, a flutter on the arcade machines, some shopping,  and home for Saturday evening.

                                                                         Have a great week!!!

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