Sunday, 13 January 2013

And now it has started snowing!

Had a busy week at work, and it has turned very cold here after the mild spell we have had over Christmas. Even though the temperature barely got over 1 degree today we still scraped the car and headed out to Hanley Car Boot sale. We were surprised at how many stallholders had braved the cold, and they were all trying to keep warm with flasks of tea and treats from the hot food sellers
The only thing I bought today was a pretty little child's chair from IKEA that I managed to get for £2. The cost at least £10 new. I plan to shabby chic it as a Birthday gift for my friend's little girl who will be 2 in July. I will post pics of progress on this 

I decided last week to place an order for a few new colours of Annie Sloan paint, and I now have " French Linen", "Duck Egg Blue" and "Graphite". The graphite is very dark, almost black, and I am not sure what I am going to use it on yet, perhaps a table or bedside cabinet. I have still not decided what colour to paint my new bedroom furniture, but as I damaged the top of the chest of drawers taking it out of my car, I may paper the top with a paper I really like to hide this and choose a colour to coordinate with the paper. I quite like these.

So, today I cleared a space in the conservatory and covered up my dining table to use as a work table.
I was determined I was going to start painting today. I brought all my paints, brushes etc in from the shed. It was quite exciting starting again as I haven't painted for a few months and I have really missed it. I thought I would start small, so I began by touching up two chairs that I started ages ago but hadn't finished. They just need a sand down to distress them followed by a coat of Annie Sloan wax.

I also took apart a nice swivel mirror I picked up at a car boot sale before Christmas. It has a really nice carved design and will look great with a bit of ageing wax to bring out the detail.

 I also took apart another wall hanging mirror that has a beautiful detailed gold frame. I decided to paint them both in Old White, as it is such a versatile shade and goes with anything, so makes it easier to sell.

I have booked a week's annual leave for the week after next so it will be good to get all those daylight hours to work, and I might try and get the bedroom furniture done that week, if I have managed to make a decision on the colours!!

Have a great week, and I will post again next weekend, when I hope to finish off the chairs and mirrors on this page, and get them listed on ebay :0)

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