Wednesday, 26 June 2013

60 Days to Vegas !!

Didn't bother blogging last weekend as there has been less activity on the painting front. I don't get home from work till 5.30 now and by the time I have made dinner I am really too tired to start painting. I do however have a few nice projects lined up, and I am hoping to make a start this weekend :0)
I didn't manage to get to a boot sale on Sunday as the weather was horrible, but I did buy a couple of things to paint on ebay.

These three beech chairs are very unusual, and have nice curvy legs. I bought them from a furniture designer. I think they will look fab painted, just have to decide on a colour.
They were such a bargain at less than £2 each!!!

This tiny table only cost me 99p! It has a leather inset on the top and I am going to try painting right over this with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. It should work ok, but we will see ;0)  Not sure what colour I will try yet.

I picked it up from a beautiful Lock Keepers cottage next to the canal. How lovely to be able to look out of your window at all the painted canal boats going by ! 

I sold the nice mirror that I bought at the car boot sale. The lady who bought it loves it ! :0)

and the two nice hand painted pictures also sold and were posted off to Kent yesterday.

A couple of Sunday's ago I bought this beautiful pine welsh dresser at the car boot sale! It was a tight squeeze but we managed to get it in the Jeep in one go!

The seller wanted £30, but I managed to get him down to £25! It is a wonderful solid piece of furniture, and I am even considering keeping it for my new house. It looks lovely in the conservatory, and will be nice to have there if we ever get a viewer in to see the house. It has been on the market for nearly 2 months now and no viewers as yet :0( but as they say "It only takes one!"

Work is going well, and I have an interview this Friday for a permanent post at Keele Medical School. Fingers crossed! If I don't get this one I have applied for another one too.

Only 60 days till we head off to Las Vegas for our summer holiday. Can't wait! We decided to stay off strip this time, and have hired a car for the 7 days we are there. At the end of the 7 days we then fly to Miami, pick up a car and head down to the Keys!!

The Eastside Cannery, Las Vegas

I will try and start a couple of new projects this weekend, and post pics on Sunday
Hope you all have a great week!

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