Sunday, 22 September 2013

Just a quick one!

Well, I did say I was going to start work on painting the big welsh dresser this weekend, but I had a good idea, and it paid off. I decided to list the dresser on ebay and just flip it (flipping something is selling it on without doing any work to it first). I listed it on a buy it now with best offer, and sold it for £99. I am very happy with that and it gets it out of the house so we can concentrate on packing.
I had a look through the stuff in the shed and there are lots of nice things in there.

I finished off a couple of items I had started before I went on holiday, and also painted a nice corner unit I was given for free at the end of a car boot sale :0)

First coat of Old White

 and 4 nice picture frames that turned out really nice and I have decided to keep for the new house. I can always sell them later if I don't need them

2 x shelf units and small table
Detail on picture frame
So just used my trusty Old White in everything today, and it was nice to get back to painting again. I will try and get all these items finished off through the week, but it starts to get dark around 7pm now so not much working time after I get home from work at 5.15.

Can't remember if I showed you this nice frame I got at the car boot sale, nice detail. I have it up for sale just now on ebay but I was tempted to keep it for myself.

Got rid of our old double bed this week. Couldn't get it taken apart fully so just freecycled it. Also gave away a big pine mirror I bought ages ago that was damaged at one corner. So handy that people come to pick the stuff up at the house.

So just a quickie as I also posted through the week. I will post pics of the items I have painted today once they have been waxed and are ready to be listed on ebay

Have a good week :0)

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