Sunday, 5 February 2012

Hi Ho Hi Ho..............

Well this is a good weekend for getting on with my furniture.Had to stay in Saturday as we had a handyman in putting panelling up in our bathroom. The snow started around lunchtime, and we have around 5-6". Where we live at the bottom of a hill makes getting the cars out virtually impossible, thank goodness Russell has a Jeep! We should be ok for getting to work tomorrow, Russell will drive me in :-)

 Downside is my Sainsburys delivery couldn't get to us last night, and neither could the chinese take away! Thankfully we have the freezer well stocked. painting yesterday and painted a bedside cabinet, a console table, 2 side tables and made a start to a small dresser. Must admit by arms are aching this morning. Will try to get them waxed and buffed up today, arms permitting !

 Keeping an eye out for new stuff to buy on eBay but prices are not great just now, looking forward to the better weather when I can get round the car boot sales at the weekend for some bargains. I did buy a lovely little Edwardian? chair this week, but it is needing some work (one of the rungs is missing, and it is split at the top). Not sure I can mend it but will have a go.

Sales are steady too with my online jewellery stores, I seem to be getting most orders from the US on Etsy, but also had an order for a glass ring on Folksy this week.

Right, better get the heater on in the conservatory and get cracking. I have to make the most of my time at the weekend. Thanks for looking!


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