Sunday, 4 March 2012

Loads to tell you!

Hi. Loads been happening, and I will have to do this blog in 2 x parts as I dont have room in one for everything!!!
I will start with the sad story of the disappearing dresser....

Well, remember I told you I got this old painted dresser and was having to have it delivered as it didnt split into two?  Well, I arranged with a friend of the seller that he would drop it off to me for £20. Strange thing was, whan I got home from work that evening it was nowhere to be seen! So I called the seller and he said he had spoken to his mate late morning and he had definately delivered it. I thought they were in it together, trying to pull a fast one on me, so I went to see if my neighbour had seen them delivering it. To cut a long story short, my neighbour heard some noise in the street at lunchtime and had a look out his front window. He saw the scrap van reversed up to the end of my drive, and the two guys clearing a space in the back of the van to put something in !!!!!!  
Yes, you guessed it!  My dresser !! The guy who delivered hadn't put it round the back like I asked him to, he had left it in the driveway, and the scrappy just took it!!  You can imagine how angry I was !!

I am getting angry just thinking about it again now, so will move on to something else.........bought some nice new pieces of furniture to shabby chic on ebay last week. Got a pair of nice wicker and metal bedside tables that I have started painting, and they are looking good, will post pic once finished.

Also bought a nice chest of drawers, and a pine bedside cabinet

three nice old chairs
and last night I bought this really cool chest of drawers for £20 (seller paid £140 for it last year)

Running out of space now so will sign off on part 1 and start writing part 2 :-)

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  1. Nice :) Dunno where you get all of this stuff for so cheap!