Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Best week yet!!!

Well, I just had to let you know what happened after I listed the furniture on eBay. I listed the 2 x tables on Sunday, and on Monday I finished off the small dresser and listed that too. I was not that keen on it, but once I had finished you wouldn't know it was the same one!

The console table was bought on eBay by a work colleague for £35. The nice table with the paper on the top was picked up this evening, I got £25 for it. The dresser above sold today on eBay for £78. Not bad for a long weekend's work. I also managed to list the photo frame

and I finished off the dressing table mirror and listed that too

I have also won some new furniture on eBay. Picked up a lovely chunky solid pine bedside table on the way home from work tonight. Russell is picking up 2 bedside tables in wrought iron and rattan on Thursday for me (not sure what to do with them yet). I also managed to get a grey painted dresser on an eBay auction from a shop that is closing down. It has to be my bargain of the week at £15!

Maybe not such a great batgain after all. The seller has just texted to say that it is not in 2 parts, so we will not get it in the Jeep. I will probably have to pay now for a van to deliver it to me :-(

 Really can't believe everything is selling so quickly, and it does make me wonder if I am not charging enough. Will keep an eye on similar eBay auctions and see what they are selling for, although an awful lot of shabby chic stuff is overpriced and not selling at all!

Can't wait to get started on my next project, can't decide which to tackle next? The dressing table, the chest of drawers? The country style table and chairs?

Have a good week!

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