Sunday, 11 March 2012

Sunny Sunday

Well, week started bad. Had a horrible sickness and was off work most of the week. 
Feeling better now and was able to get some items listed on eBay and Folksy, and also started painting a couple of new things. Listed 2 of the 3 chairs I bought recently. Painted them in "Old White", and the 3rd one I am doing in "Versailles" green.

Also figured out in Powerpoint how to add a cool "Unique Chic" watermark to my photos which I think looks pretty professional, even though I say so myself ;-) Finally, also got the 2 x wicker/metal bedside tables finished and listed. Photos turned out really good after staging them in my bedroom and adding the new watermark

What a lovely sunny day today! We headed out just after 9 to Hanley car boot sale. It was really busy but not a lot worth buying, except for three nice chairs I found. Chairs are a bit of a pain to paint, too many fiddly spindly bits, but they do look really nice when they are finished :0)

I know I said I wasn't going to buy any more, but I couldn't walk past a bargain, and I think they will look really nice painted up. They are solid and heavy, really good quality.

After the car boot sale we swung by to have a look at that charity warehouse I was telling you about. It is run to  raise funds for the Ben Howard Cancer Appeal.

It's an amazing place, and they had a cafe, so we decided to have something to eat before we started looking round. The lady who served us was Ben's Mum and she was really nice. After a yummy bacon butty and a mug of tea, we must have spent over an hour wandering round looking at everything, furniture, clothes, bric a brac, books etc. Bought a lovely little bedside cabinet in solid wood. It has a secret drawer which I only discovered when I went to pick it up. Was so excited to start painting it I forgot to take my "before" pic :-(

Dusted off my trusty sander to, and sanded down the top of a nice pine 3 drawer chest I bought on eBay recently. I may change the handles, but I will see what I think once it's painted. Will post "after" pics next week

Remember the black and red table with the lovely red iris wallpaper on top?

Well I relisted it on eBay last week and got an offer at the last minute of £17. I decided just to accept it as I have had a it for a while now and just don't have the space to store it. The buyer contacted me and said he would be sending a courier. Well, the whole thing was a pain in the a**e! Even though I told him I worked 9-5 he arranged a courier (City Link) who came at 11am when I wasn't in. I contacted buyer and he said he would arrange a late pick up. The next day I was off work sick in bed. The courier came again at 11am, but wouldn't take the table as it wasn't packaged! I have never had to pack any of the furniture that has been uplifted. The buyer then started to get really horrible and told me I had to pack the table. To avoid negative feedback, and losing my 100% feedback rating, Russell brought cardboard boxes home from his work and put together a makeshift cardboard box to wrap it in, as I was still sick. City Link finally picked it up the next day, and buyer emailed next day to say he had received it, but the packaging had damaged the table!!  He actually opened a dispute asking for his money back!
So in the end I got nothing for the table, and he ended up with it!

I seem to be having a run of bad luck lately, first the disappearing dresser, and now this. I have had to amend my listings to state that I do not package furniture, and any buyer who wants to use a courier will have to make sure the item does not need to be wrapped. You learn from these things
     I suppose!

Going for a well earned soak in the bath, arms aching after the sanding and painting today.
        Have a good week!

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