Sunday, 22 April 2012

Time for a change!

Had the day off on Friday from work as I have to have a tooth pulled out. My dentist booked me into a lovely private practice called Steeple Grange in a little village called Wirksworth near Matlock. Russell had to come with me to look after me as I was being sedated for the extraction. I was so nervous about it, but it was brillaint! I was aware of what was going on, sort of, and I remember getting the jags just before the extraction, but I can't actually remember them pulling the tooth out. Russell said I was only in for about 10 mins, then I met him in the recovery room and was allowed to go home. I have not had any pain, and would definately opt for this again, and would recommend it too.

Must admit, I have been a bit distracted this weekend. Decided to change my car, after having my present car for the last 3 years. Got the one I have now (Mazda MX-6) on eBay.

 Loved the look of the car, and put a cheeky bid on and won the car for £870! I felt so sorry for the poor guy selling it when i came to pick it up. he had to change to a "family" car and was selling his pride and joy! The car still runs brilliantly after 3 years and has been amazing, but I feel like a change so opted for a Toyota Celica T Sport. Had an older Celica before and really liked it. So as you can imagine I spent quite a long time browsing to find a nice one. Picking this beauty up next Sunday from a car dealer in Blackburn, I am so excited!

Anyway, back to the furniture. I have had a lot of items listed on eBay this week and have sold quite a few things. The Old Violet dresser finally has a bid on it of £55 and I am hoping it will go for quite a bit more than that. The Versailles dressing table with mirror has a bid of £50.  The white swing mirror sold for £18.50, and this mirror below that I bought at car boot for £3 sold for £18.50 so not a bad week.

This morning it looked a bit dull, and the weather forecast was for hail and thunder, but the sun was shining late morning so we popped down to Hanley to have a look round the car boot sale. At first we thought we had wasted our time as there weren't as many stalls as there usually are, but it was a brilliant one. I managed to buy 2 pine dressing tables, a welsh dresser, a small table, a gold framed mirror and a brilliant shabby chic style candelabra, that I have already listed on eBay.

One of the first projects I worked on was to transform a dining set of table and four chairs for one of my friends. She has finally reupholstered the chairs and I took some photos last weekend.

Not sure how much I will get done next weekend as we are going out with friends to see the new Avengers film followed by dinner, and on Sunday it's "New Car Day" !! Maybe I will manage to make the most of the lighter nights and do some painting after dinner.

Have a great week!

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