Sunday, 8 July 2012

It was Andy Murray's fault......

I had planned to get loads of work done today, but sat down just after 2 to see Andy Murray walk onto Centre Court. I hadn't planned to watch the whole final but I was hooked after the first couple of games!

Did get cracking after it had finished though, and finished off the mirror I have been working on this week for a friend at work. Turned out really nice in the new Annie Sloan colour - PURE (white)

The big grey sideboard was collected on Thursday evening, and the buyer also bought the big gold coloured mantel mirror, which was nice. I am finally clearing some space in the conservatory now.
I am almost finished the dressing table, just got to paint the top and add another coat of paint to the drawers. I picked up some nice drawer knobs in TK MAXX yesterday so may use them for this one. I will post some pics next week when I get it listed.

Tried to go and see Spiderman in Crewe yesterday but they had made an error on their online booking and we were booked to see 3D instead of 2D. We wondered what was happening when everyone started putting on 3D glasses ! We got our money back, plus free guest passes to come back :-)

Even though the weather forecast was for rain we decided to still go to Hanley Car Boot. Not as many cars as usual, but still very busy, and picked up a few things, a nice clock, a mirror to paint, and a couple of shabby chic aprons to sell on eBay

 and yet didn't rain, well not until about 5pm.

I sold the Polka Dot jug I showed you in last week's blog to a collector in Switzerland. Made a nice profit on it too. Been a busy week at work too getting ready for the big office move on 4th August. I sent the order off for the 10 x giant canvasses yesterday so really looking forward to getting them back. Took a few more pics this week mostly down at the Middleport Pottery.

 As I have not managed to get much work done today I will probably do some in the evenings after work this week. I have a nice coffee table to paint, and another bedside table, then I will start on the furniture in the shed. 

Have a good week, and please leave me a message if you visit ! Thanks

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