Sunday, 22 July 2012

Happy Days !!

Sorry I didnt get round to blogging last weekend. I had a really busy one and had a big wardrobe clear out. I listed a lot of clothes on eBay and the listings all ended this evening and managed to sell most of them. Now comes the part I hate, wrapping them all up and taking them to the Post Office :0(  Any that havent sold I will put in a box for the car boot sale I am going to do with my friend Sandy once we have enough stuff to sell.

Also finished off the dressing table and listed it last Sunday so that sold tonight too. It is being picked up by Courier some time this week. Replaced the handles with some pretty ceramic ones and I am really pleased with the finished result. The trifold mirror looks really good on it and painted in the same colour makes a nice set.

Had another busy weekend this week. Went to see an early showing of the new Batman film in Newcastle with friends, then went for a really nice lunch at Revolution. tried a French Canadian dish called "Poitine", basically chips, cheese and a topping. I had creamy garlic mushrooms, and my friend Rich had peppered steak. Nice to try something different !

Had a wander round the shops after lunch and got some cool bargains in Laura Ashley Sale.
This morning was lovely and sunny so we went to Hanley Car Boot Sale. Picked up some cool stuff but also got my neck sunburned!! Ouch !! Got this cracking wicker mirror, which is approx 2' high. Not sure whether to sell it or keep it for my spare bedroom.

Also got 2 nice Ercol style chairs that I am going to paint ( I now have a total of 10 chairs waiting to be painted!!)

and 2 bedside cabinets that also sell well on eBay. Managed to start painting them today and will hopefully finish off through the week

 Painting this one in Paris Grey

and this one a soft cream colour. Also picked up a pretty little wooden shelf unit. Not sure what I will do with this one yet.

This pretty Trinket Box, which is lined with red felt and has a mirror inset into the lid. I have listed it on eBay today so will see what it goes for. It looks quite old and I am not sure what it is made of, feel quite heavy, like bakelite?

Had some lovely news this week too, that my eldest son got engaged while on holiday in Rome :-)
I am so excited for him and can't wait to see him in just under 6 weeks when we go across to New York to start our Summer Holiday. Better get some more furniture painted and sold so I can get to the big NY Wedding in 2014 !!

Also got my other son coming down to stay in 2 weeks for my Birthday. Planning a really fun weekend with Archery, Air Rifle Shooting, Cinema and a Birthday meal out at our favourite local restaurant - Buffet Island :0)
So, a very happy time just now, and our holiday to look forward to.

Take Care, and have a great week !!

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