Saturday, 26 January 2013

My Week's Holiday....NOT!!!!

What a good week to take off work. The snow from last weekend is still here, and we had more last night. I have stayed in and painted all week and it has been brilliant!!I painted and waxed the retro furniture I bought for the spare room, and picked up the beautiful Laura Ashley wallpaper today and it matches perfectly! Here is the chest of drawers -

Painted in Old White

Keeping original handles
Adding the wallpaper on top
sneak preview of finished item

I pasted the top of the chest of drawers then put the paper on, but I think I should maybe have pasted the paper (as instructed on the roll). It has wrinkled quite a lot and I am just hoping that they will come out as it dries.
The wardrobe was straightforward - 2 coats of Annie Sloan Old White then a coat of clear wax. There are two panels on the front on each side of the door, and depending on how the paper works on the chest of drawers, I might add paper to the panels to tie these two pieces in. Here are some pics of the wardrobe transformation (I love taking these pics)


Matches so well !

I will post transformation pics of the chest of drawers as soon as it is finished. Just hope the creases come out of the paper. I also have this gorgeous mirror to hang in the room. I picked it up at car boot for £4!!! Don't think I will paint this as I love the old gold colour.

I had a mini disaster on Monday morning. I was painting the wardrobe and had just finished off a pot of Old White. I went to the shed to get another, and there was none! I had taken a week off work to get this furniture painted and had run out of the colour I needed! Thankfully my paint supplier came to my rescue. I placed an order on Monday and it arrived at 10am on Tuesday morning, even with the snow! They are brilliant - a shop in Kent called Dovetails. I would highly recommend them if you don't have a local supplier like me.
Anyway, on to the other things I have been working on this week.
Firstly I painted two coats of Old White on the wee chair I got at the car boot sale -

I am still deciding whether to stencil or freehand the design I want to put on. I will post pics at different stages once I have made up my mind.

I had two of these retro Ercol style chair in the shed. Bought them last year at a car boot sale. I showed you the grey one last week, which sold quickly on ebay for £14. I painted the second one in Old Violet and have put a coat of wax on it today. Once I have buffed it up I will list it too.

Annie Sloan Old Violet

I also have three farmhouse pine chairs in the shed and I decided to try out the new Duck Egg Blue shade I bought on one of them. I wanted the pine to show through so only used one coat. I then sanded to distress, and waxed. Listed it on ebay and it sold straight away!

The girl who bought it also bought a painted plaster mirror I was selling (sold cheaper as there were a couple of cracks in it) and she got the two items for £25. She came to pick them up the same day and was telling me that she would like to try the furniture painting herself. She has bought a little table to try it out on, so I showed the projects I was working on and how the Annie Sloan paint works so well with the wax and gives such a lovely finish. She left very happy with a spare paint chart I had and details of Dovetails (supplier).

Also started a few other projects this week. I hate doing nothing when I am waiting for paint to dry between coats. An oval coffee table I got in a charity shop for £3, an old swing mirror I paid £4 for at car boot, and a wooden cutlery tray (£1)

I decided to add some of my new wallpaper to the cutlery tray, and I think it looks very pretty. I have still to wax this one. I might have to keep it for myself. :0)

It is Saturday today so I have one more day off before I go back to work. It has been an amazing week, and I have accomplished everything I set out to achieve. I cant wait till it starts getting lighter in the evenings so I can spend more time painting. It is still getting dark around 4.30. Roll on Summer!!

Saw these silly pigeons having a bath in a puddle in Crewe this morning and just had to take a pic!

Have a great week, and please feel free to ask me anything, or leave a comment :0)

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