Sunday, 24 February 2013

Super Duper Weekend!!

After a slow start to the year I stepped up a gear this weekend and got loads done, so a nice newsy blog this week with lots of pics :0)
By the end of this week I had sold everything I had listed on eBay so my aim this weekend was to get some more items finished and listed for sale. I started off by waxing the oval coffee table, really pleased with how it turned out.

Then I finished off the two picture frames, and found some unusual cat pictures to put in them to attract some attention to my listings.

The little shelf unit turned out nice too, painted in Old White, distressed then waxed.

Last week I showed you a white chest of drawers I bought on eBay to refurbish. It was finally delivered on Thursday, but the condition was not as described so I contacted the seller and he gave me a £5 refund. I didn't get that sorted out till last night so only started work on it today. I will show you pics of this one at different stages, then do a before and after next week.

It is a good tip to always turn pieces of furniture upside down to start painting them. That way you don't miss any odd nooks and crannies ;0). I decided to leave the handles on the drawers and paint over them. I did this once before with a sideboard I painted and I liked how they looked after the paint was sanded back to show the metal shining through.

Drawer handle
Painting drawers

First Coat on Drawers
What a difference with a coat of Duck Egg Blue! I think this one is going to look brill when it's finished!
I manage to get another "gross" pine chair transformed too. Decided to try out one of the new Annie Sloan colours I bought recently - French Linen. Nice colour, but it does darken quite a bit when you wax it as you can see in this pic.

Happy with the finished chair, and decided to distress this one quite heavily. I wanted it to look like it had been well used in a farmhouse kitchen :0) Works well!

I saw this beautiful vintage dressing table listed on ebay yesterday. Turned out that I knew the seller, as he had bought a few pieces of furniture from me last year to sell in his shop. I messaged him and got the price down from £60 to £45 and I will go and pick it up and have a look round his shop next Saturday. he might have some odd chairs I can buy cheap.

I would love to keep this one for myself, but sadly it does not have enough drawers to hold all my stuff :0(  One of the handles is broken, but I have some really nice ones I bought ages ago that will be perfect!

These might be nice painted over and then sanded back. They have a nice "Arts & Crafts" look to them. I bought quite a few of them and used them for a chest of drawers a couple of years ago.

Won this chair today on ebay for 99p!! Can never understand why people are willing to sell things so cheap!  It is a child's dining chair and it has already been painted in cream. I might change the colour and add a touch of stencilling. Might even hang onto it for a while for my friend's little girl to use when they come to us for dinner :0)

Do you remember this nice dressing table mirror I finished recently?

Well, I had a bit of a disaster with it this week. A lady bought it on ebay, and to make it easier for her to pick up, I took it into work with me. I went into my bag to show it to one of my friend's at work and got the shock of my life! There was a crack around 8" long right across the front of the mirror! It must have got damaged in the car. I called the lady and told her what had happened, but she decided she still wanted it, so I ended up knocking a fiver off for her. She said she knew someone who could replace the glass for her....phew!!

Well I think I have remember to tell you about all the projects this week, and I hope I have an even more productive week this week to report !

Just before I go I thought you might like to see what my husband bought yesterday in town. I usually have all white bedding on our bed, but we couldn't believe that they actually had this bedding set for sale  in "double" size !! Can't get my own way ALL the time !

Have a "SUPER" week !!!!

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