Sunday, 3 March 2013

Discovering Hidden Treasurez !

Not too sure where to start this week as I have been so busy :0) The weather has been lovely this weekend too so I was even able to do some of my work outside in the garden.

I sold the white coffee table, and the farmhouse chair this week, and I am very pleased with the price I got for them. I also went to pick up the beautiful dressing from the Hidden Treasurez warehouse in Sandbach, Cheshire

Inside one of the warehouses

It was the first time I had been and it was brilliant! I had a good look round and spotted a couple of things I was interested in. I ended up buying a nice little side table for £10, which I painted today in Annie Sloan Paris Grey. I do like it in black, but the lighter colours seem to sell better.

Paint still wet

Also this nice heavy pine farmhouse style chair for £5. I have no bother selling these and Richard said he always has loads of odd single chairs I can have cheap :0) so I know where to go if I run out of things to paint !

I can't wait to get started on the dressing table, and after much deliberation I have decided to paint it in the whitest white that Annie Sloan do "PURE". If I had a bigger house I would keep this one for myself. Just a reminder of how pretty it is -

I love the round mirror, you don't see many like this!

I finished off the duck egg blue chest of drawers yesterday and have it listed on ebay now. The handles turned out really nice as you can see from the pics.



painted handle sanded back
  I found a lovely wooden dressing table mirror in the shed that I had bought last year and forgotten about. I thought it might look nice in my guest room on the new chest of drawers so I painted it in Old White to match.

Can't make up my mind on this, I think it's better than the big gold ornate mirror I had hanging on the wall, but I found another mirror in the shed that is a bit smaller so it may look better. I will paint it next weekend and see how it looks :0)

one of next weekend's projects
It was a great day for car booting today and there were more cars than usual and it was very busy to walk round. I didn't think I was going to get anything, then at the last minute I spotted this gorgeous mirror, and I knew the guy who was selling it (a regular there) and he let me have it for £4!! I am just going to flip this one as it is so nice, so it's already listed for sale on ebay.

I also came across a seller with a box full of old photo frames he was selling for 10p each! How could I resist such a bargain. I bought a few, and have already given them 2 coats of Old White. I will distress then next weekend and pop some interesting pics in to sell on ebay

I will show you these next weekend when they are finished off. Not bad for 10p each !!

And as if I have not been busy enough this week I also popped down to Meir Park to pick up this pretty little child's chair that I won for 99p in an ebay auction. You've gotta love a bargain!!

Hope you have a good week, and please feel free to comment. I know that my blog is viewed in Alaska, France, US, Ukraine, Canada, Russia and the UK, and it would be lovely to hear what you think. Also if you have any questions I will do my best to answer.
Thank You!!

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