Sunday, 10 February 2013

Short and Sweet

Sorry I have not had time to get any furniture painted this weekend.
Yesterday, I went to Crewe to get my hair cut, and we met up with our friends and went for a coffee and a look round the shops. Helped my friend choose new glasses, some stylish new vintage style glasses and then ended up having Chinese take away for dinner at their house.

Today I had to spend quite a lot of my time working on a form I have to complete for my "one to one" meeting with the new bosses at work. I can't remember if I mentioned in a previous blog that Rethink were unsuccessful in the tender to run our IAPT service and we are being taken over by NHS Combined Health. The new service spec has less posts available than the staff we have so everyone is a bit worried just now. My meeting is on Friday, but I wanted to use today to make sure my form is filled in with as much information as possible. I will finish it off through the week. Hope it helps my chances that my husband, Russell teaches at Keele Medical School !!

Booked a weekend away in July to Cardiff. Got a bargain on a Travelodge for £21, and planning to take Russell to The Doctor Who Experience. I think my biggest challenge will be getting him to leave! He says it takes over 3 hours to go round it! Hope I have some time left to hit the shops!!

I did win an auction on ebay today for a nice chest of drawers that needs some TLC. My friend Helen at work had asked me to look out for one for her so I am hoping this one is suitable. Paid £20 for it, but they charged me £15 to deliver.

Sorry it's short and sweet this week. I promise to have more shabby chic updates next Sunday.
Have a great week, enjoy Valentine's Day, and wish me luck for Friday!!

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