Sunday, 17 March 2013

Weekend Break? I don't think so!!

What a weekend! The Duck Egg Chest of Drawers, and the Paris Grey table both sold for full price on ebay despite being listed with the "best offer" option. I had to wait in on Saturday for couriers collecting furniture, and ended up staying in ALL weekend! I was dying to get cracking again with the dressing table, and I almost got it finished. It was hard work as it took 3 coats of paint to cover the dark wood.

I had also removed the handles as one was broken. I managed to get some on ebay that had been removed from a similar style chest of drawers. I always think it is nice to try and replace with handles from the same era. I had to order some new brass crews for them from ebay ( I swear you can buy EVERYTHING on there).  I think they look brilliant!

I drilled small pilot holes to take the new screws

After applying 3 coats of Annie Sloan PURE, I then lightly distressed as you can see from this close up of the mirror.

It is mostly finished. Because it has had 3 coats of paint I am letting it dry out fully before I finish waxing, as I don't want the waxing to lift any of the paint. I will try and get it finished and listed on ebay through the week. Here are the before and after pics so far. I will post the staged ebay pic next week.


It is always best to work on a couple of projects at the same time. That way you have something else to do while you are waiting for paint to dry ;0) So while working on the dressing table I also started work on another heavy pine farmhouse chair. I had bought a pot of Annie Sloan Emperors Silk a few months ago but was unsure about the colour as it is much brighter than my usual shades. This chair was the perfect piece to try it out on. Here is the chair before -

I am so happy with this tranformation. It is truly stunning! It took 2 coats of paint, a light distressing, then a coat of clear wax. I have still to buff it as I only applied the wax an hour ago. Here are a couple of pics of the progress.

Always turn item upside down first

I was glad I took it outside to sand it as there was red dust everywhere! I will definately be using this colour more. It looks quite Scandinavian.  Do you remember this chair that I bought a few weeks ago?

The seat cover was bit grubby so I had a look round the Eagle Market at Derby last weekend and got a nice piece of fabric to try my first attempt at upholstery. The seat pad was easy to remove, and I managed to find the staple gun in the shed. It was so easy! Here are the progress pics!

I simply cut the material 3-4" larger than the seat pad, then folded it over the edges and banged staples all round the edge. A bit more care was needed at the corners, as you can see in the next pic.

Et Voila! One totally transformed chair! I will definately looking for similar chairs to try out different colour schemes on. The chair has had 2 coats of Annie Sloan Versailles. It was very tricky trying to paint between the thin spindles and detail on the chair back, but well worth the extra effort :0) It just needs some light distressing, and a coat of wax. Should get this one listed next weekend.

I finished off painting the small dressing table mirror and decided it looked better in my guest bedroom than the bigger one, so I took a few pics of the other one, and have listed it on ebay now.

It does take a bit of time watermarking all the ebay pics with my "Unique Chic" name but I think it gives a very professional look and is quite easy to do. I use Powerpoint to do mine. Adding the odd teddy or two helps too! Dressing finished items for sale is very important and shows you have a sense of style that hopefully inspires buyers to imagine what something will look like in their own home.

So, another week draws to an end, and there are never enough hours in a day for me! Back to work tomorrow. I did however find some time to do a bit  of ebay browsing for myself this weekend, and while writing this blog I sneaked away to bid on a lovely patchwork style bed cover to use as a throw on the bed in my guest room. I love the colours, but best of all I won the auction for £1.04 :0)

In the time it has taken for me to write this blog I have also sold another 2 items on ebay :0)

Just before I go I thought you may be interested to see how many countries my blog is viewed in. The darker green  areas are the ones that have the most viewers. It is really quite amazing to think that my ramblings are read all over the world!!

Please leave a comment if you can. I would love to know what you think of all my projects.
Have a great week!!

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