Sunday, 10 March 2013

Lovely Mothers Day :0)

I was browsing google for a Mothers Day pic and found this cute poodle!

Well, I didn't do any cleanin' or stitchin', but I did cook a delicious Sunday dinner of roast beef and Yorkshire puddings and roast potatoes for Mothers Day and I had special Mothers Day phone calls from both of my wonderful sons. I also bought some nice flowers in memory of my own Mum who is sadly no longer with us, but always remembered. Happy Mothers Day Mum!!

Yesterday we decided to go on a shopping trip to Derby. It was a brilliant day out. We set off early after waking up at normal work time (7am) so had a leisurely breakfast and made it to Derby for 10am. It's about an hour's drive. Because we had left the house so early it also meant we were home in time for me to get some painting done before dinner :0)

I put a second coat of Paris Grey on the table, and gave the 10p frames another coat of Old White.
Today I finished off the table and it is now listed for sale.

I made a start to the lovely old dressing table, turning it upside down to work first so I don't miss any bits. I also masked off the mirror ready for painting.

I really struggled to remove the drawer handles as the screws had rusted. Managed to prise them off with a screw driver, and Russell had to help me remove the tiny screws with a pair of pliers. My arms are so sore tonight. I always like to try and do all the work myself but sometimes I just don't have the strength :0(

I found some really nice old brass handles on ebay this week that came off of an old chest of drawers, and I managed to get them in an auction for just £1 each, so I am going to replace the handles with these ones. They are a beautiful art nouveau style.

The 10p frames I bought at the car boot sale last week (pic below to remind you how they looked when I bought them)

are now also on ebay now and look fantastic with a couple of coats of Annie Sloan Old White.I left the fruit pics in the two pine ones as they looked nice once painted.

For the others I popped  in some weird animal pics I found on the net just to show how they will look with a picture. The 2 I put on ebay last week sold yesterday :0)

l am hoping to finish off the dressing table next weekend, and make a start to a chair I bought a few weeks ago that I am going to attempt reupholstering. I found some really nice fabric yesterday in the Eagle Market in Derby, so just need to remember where we put the staple gun. I will post pics of this new project next weekend.

Oh, nearly forgot to tell you about a cool little photobook I made up through the week. I am waiting on it being delivered. These are a great way to show buyers the projects you have worked on and the different colours and finishes you can achieve. The book was made by downloading software from albelli. They also sent me a link I could post to share with you :0)

Hope you have a great week. I would love to hear from you!

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