Sunday, 7 April 2013

Easter Flu Bug :0(

Hope you had a lovely Easter. We headed up to Scotland on Good Friday and were held up for 2 hours in traffic jams on the M6! We had a nice Easter meal with the family, but I was not well (flu) and we had to leave to come home early on Saturday and we didn't get to Edinburgh :0( We were home by tea time on Saturday and I had a bath and went straight to bed. I am still unwell.
This has been a very stressful week for me. I went in to my new work on Tuesday for 2 days of training and induction. I found out on Wednesday that there is no post for me within Healthy Minds, and I was told that I would go through a consultation period of 1 month where they would try to find another NHS Combined post for me. I took the decision at the end of the week to resign, and persuaded by bosses to waive my notice period. It feels a bit scary not having a job at the moment, but I will find something soon. Once I get rid of this flu bug I will have more energy for job searching, and in the meantime I sold a few pieces of furniture on ebay this week, and listed a couple of the items I started work on before Easter
Listed this chair yesterday, in French Linen, and added this lovely coordinating cushion for my photos. I also finished off the five drawer chest, and the nice table with the magazine racks, and listed them today. I have a few watchers already!

This little side table turned out really nice, and I lined the drawer with Laura Ashley Gosforth Meadow wallpaper. It matched really well. I do like this one and wish I could keep it!

I sold a few things this week too. The Versailles upholstered chair was picked up today, and the lady who bought it may have some furniture she would like me to paint for her in the same colour :0)
I also sold the big chunky wall mirror, the little shelf unit, and a picture frame.
I haven't managed to do much painting this weekend as I just have no energy at the moment. Once I have recovered from this flu I can use my time to apply for jobs, and finally get all that furniture in my shed painted and sold. Things are going to be tight till I find something else, but at least my holiday is booked and paid for so I have that to look forward to in August. One week in Vegas, and one week in Florida :0)
I will try and have more for you next weekend. Have a good week!


  1. Hi Julie. you poor thing. With the flu and travelling and the job change and the big decision you've made to resign.....well, it's so much for you cope with all in one go. Still, everything is going to be in the up before you know it.
    I saw the same side table on Annie Sloan's website, in the gallery of painted furniture. Exactly the same table, and she, too, had painted it grey. Great minds thinking alike! What a good find it was. Hope it goes to a good home. Sending you get well wishes. Jo x

  2. Thanks Jo! and I got your email about it also being featured on the Achica Website! Thanks for the get well wishes, I have an appointment with my GP today so will hopefully be back to "normal" soon xx