Sunday, 5 January 2014

A Day in Provence !

Well, we got up last Sunday and headed out to Hanley Car Boot sale, but it was closed. We were so disappointed and we hadn't been for months! Never mind, we will catch one soon. It gave me longer to get on with painting my furniture, and I got quite a lot done. here is the wooden chair before painting.

 I also wanted to add a little something extra, and had been dying to try out a new stencil I bought last year. I mixed a little of the GRAPHITE with some OLD WHITE to make a nice shade of grey that would tone in with the chair colour.

And here is the finished one! A coat of Annie Sloan GRAPHITE, which I think really suits the style of the chair.

I then added a coat of wax and polished to a nice soft sheen. I love it, and yet again I am having trouble parting with it as I think it could look great in our new house (wherever we end up). ;0)

Yesterday I finished off the nest of tables and have taken a photo to list them on ebay. I also finished the two shelf units, the little spice rack and the curtain hold backs.

Today I couldn't wait to crack open the PROVENCE paint, and found the perfect project at the back of the shed. I picked this lovely little hall table up at the Nantwich Car Boot sale last summer and have been dying to paint it!! I love the shape of the top and the little drawer.

First things first, I turned it upside down on top of an old painting sheet, then started with the legs.

The paint was still showing through a bit after one coat so I will need two coats on this one. 

and I decided to paint the inside of the drawer in the same colour to give it a  nice finish. I might also line the drawer with some coordinating paper.

I really like this shade, and might use some dark wax to bring out the detail and dull the colour down slightly.

I had to stop painting around 4pm as the light was fading, so frustrating when I just want to get on and do more. In the next house I will make sure I am not restricted by daylight and will set up my workshop somewhere like an integrated garage, or spare room inside the house. 

Next weekend I will try and finish off the hall table, and I will start painting a nice gold edged oval mirror, and another chair maybe in my new ENGLISH YELLOW !

Have a great week!!

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