Sunday, 26 January 2014

Old Favourite - Old White

Very excited this weekend to show you how the little hall table turned out. I am so pleased with it, and can't wait to see it in the hallway of our new house. It started off like this.........

and now for the finished piece.

I love how the colour (Provence) has turned out. I firstly gave it a coat of clear wax, then before it dried applied a light coat of dark trying to make it a bit uneven.

It looks like it has been sitting around in some French house for years, slowly ageing. I only started using the Annie Sloan Dark Wax last year, and every time I use it I love it a little more. Can't wait to try a crackle glaze finish and accentuate the cracks with the dark wax!

Remember this old bedside cabinet from last week with the damaged veneer that had to be removed? Well I gave it a coat of the new Annie Sloan ENGLISH YELLOW chalk paint. 

It was quite difficult to cover the dark wood colour. I can usually get away with one or two coats, but this one will probably need a third coat.

Each coat I added made the colour deeper and more vibrant, but I have used about a quarter of a tin of paint on this piece, quite a lot for such a small cupboard. I should get this one finished next week, and will let you see in next Sunday's blog ;0)
Next I masked off another nice mirror I brought in from the shed last week.

Decided to go back to my old favourite OLD WHITE after all the crazy colours I have been using recently. This one will need a couple of coats, then I will distress to show off the nice carving detail

I took the picture above to show you how sometimes some of the oil from the wood seeps through the paint. There are a couple of ways you can get round this. Adding another layer of paint just doesn't work. That was the first thing I tried when I had this problem with a chest of drawers I was painting white. One way to seal the oil in is to spray with a clear varnish before continuing with a second coat. The second way is to wax over the affected areas before repainting. I have chosen the wax method for this mirror as I am not sure where I have put my spray varnish. I will post pics of the finished project next weekend.

While I had the Old White paint on my brush I decided to paint the second of the three beech chairs. It has had one coat of paint, and I will add a second coat next weekend.

Once painted I popped it down near the door to dry, right next to the little painted table that one of my friends gave me last year. I noticed that the curve on the chair leg was almost identical to the curve on the table legs, so I made the quick decision to paint the table white also!!

Something felt very wrong about painting over the beautiful hand painted roses, but I still think I made the right decision, and I think this table will look amazing teamed with the beech chair.

I will give you an update on this one next Sunday.
I bought a couple of big mirrors on ebay today and picked them up this afternoon. Only paid £10 for both, and still deciding whether to paint them, I quite like them the way they are.

Busy week at work this week, and it's my husband's 40th Birthday on Wednesday. 
Hope you have a good week, and please leave a comment. I would love to hear from you!

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