Sunday, 5 July 2015

Over the MOOn !!

Loads to tell you this week, but I just want to explain why I have changed the title of my blog. When I started it I was mainly making jewellery and my store name was RedKitten crafts. I still use this name on Etsy for my jewellery but I haven't listed anything for a while. When I started painting furniture a few years ago I came up with the name UniqueChic and as this is mostly what I blog about now it seemed logical to change the title.

We went to a couple of amazing car boot sales this morning. It was a beautiful sunny day, and although it wasn't that hot I still got sunburnt! We headed to Nantwich first and it was the biggest turnout this year!

I didn’t buy a lot but it was so nice to walk round in the sunshine. The items I did buy were bargains!
A lovely little pedestal table

and a chest of drawers that someone had made a mess of by painting and covering the top with Fablon. But I got it for a good price so will strip the fablon off and repaint. Will also put new knobs on as there is one missing.


I also bought this lovely black floor lamp. The lady was from the Netherlands and said she had bought it there. Does look a bit like the ones in IKEA, but not sure. I was going to remove the shade and replace the bulb with one of those Edison style lightbulbs. I actually really like it and I think I will keep it for now and swap it for one I currently have.

  Once we had finished the Nantwich one we jumped back in the car and headed to another one about 5 minute’s drive away at Weston. Not as big as the first one, but on such a lovely day it was fun to pick up some more bargains, and all the stall holders were so friendly. I bought a lovely wee Wedgewood jug in perfect condition for 10p, a mirrored picture frame for 50p, and these amazing reproduction cut out clothes for 20p.


I also bought a nice curtain that will be excellent for upholstering for £2, and the lady on the stall gave me a lovely little wooden shortbread press with a thistle on it as she liked my Scottish accent.  

I did see some strange things today, including these weird pine cones just lying in the middle of the cricket field! Reminded me of the Blair Witch Project! 

One of the sellers had this huge pile of old lighters for sale, you just never know what you will find!

 I was so excited yesterday morning as the postman delivered my new mini business cards from Moo!! They are so cute, and the packaging is amazing. A lovely little box to keep the cards in, and tiny little index cards. I am over the MOOn with them ;)

I chose 14 different photos in the end and Little Ted is in most of them. I am convinced that having him in my photos on ebay helps to sell my items.

I managed to finish the lovely dressing table today, and I am really pleased with how it has turned out. I have listed on ebay (with the help of my furry assistant), and a friend at work has fallen in love with it and is considering buying :) Here are the before and after pics.

It will be good to free up some space in my workshop. I also decided to try out some new paint ideas on some bargain frames I have had for a while. I usualy paint frames in a solid colour but did a bit more distressing and a mixture of clear and dark wax.

 Not sure if I have gone a bit crazy with them, but they are growing on me, and I will print some nice pictures to show them off and see if they will sell on ebay.

I will show you the completed frames next week.
It is nice to finally get the back garden finished. Russell has built an amazing deck and we have completely got rid of all the grass to make it low maintenance. The shed looks great in it's new blue paint, and I am thinking of stencilling an Orla Kiely style stem design on one of the doors.

I think Summer is finally here, and now that we have finished the garden we will hopefully have our first barbecue in the new house very soon.
Please leave a comment, and  I will do my best answer any questions you may have about my furniture projects. Have a fab week!!

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