Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Cats in Hats etc

Well, I finally started my new half time hours at work last week, and made the most of it by booking a Groupon type deal and heading off for a couple few days. We drove down to Daventry for a 2 night stay in a De Vere Venues country hotel, with breakfast included as well as a 3 course dinner on our first night. Not bad value for £99 all in. We went shopping in Rugby. It reminded me of York, with lots of lovely independant shops and cafes.

The weather was perfect too, and I also got to have a play with my new camera, and managed to take a super shot of the full moon over the hotel grounds. Once I get it off the camera I will post it.
We got home on Saturday night, and got up nice and early on Sunday to hit the car boot sales. I got loads of bargains!!

These two pine dining chairs were so cheap, and the seller said he would be at next week's sale with the other two, so I need to make sure I am there early next week :)

This nice little wooden magazine rack side table was also a bargain, and will look fab painted.

I am being a bit more picky with picture frames now, and love these two carved wooden frames.
I also bought a longer black decorative frame, and I used some silver wax to highlight the detail.

I printed off some quirky old photos from Google images of cats in hats. I love it!!

Everyone was starting to pack up as it looked like it was going to rain, and my last purchase was this really solid wooden coffee table. Would you believe I got it for under a fiver !?!

 Decided to paint in Annie Sloan Duck Egg Blue. Turned it upside down, to make sure I didn't miss any nooks and crannies ;) Made of lovely recycled wood.

I also removed the handle on the drawer as it was not in the centre, and things like that just annoy me! I filled the hole with wood filler, and after I have painted it I will drill a new hole and replace the handle.

I will finish this one off at the end of the week. Looks good in the Duck Egg Blue.

I was raking through the stuff in my shed last week and came across this wooden coat rack. It originally had a picture of raspberries glued on the front. I removed the hooks, soaked the picture off and left it to dry out.

Next I decoupaged a vintage Alice in Wonderland Tea Party illustration on the front using Mod Podge. After I attached the image I then Mod Podged over the top, and again left to completely dry out.

I then waxed the whole wooden plaque with Annie Sloan clear wax, and once dry buffed to a soft sheen before replacing the hooks. Looks great !

The big art deco dressing table was picked up on Sunday. The lady that bought it was looking for more bedroom furniture, but I don't tend to do anything larger than dressing tables.

I think I managed to fix the problem I was having with my blog not displaying images for the last week or so. That was the reason I didn't post at the weekend, but it seems ok now :)

Have a great week!

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