Tuesday, 28 July 2015


Well, after not actually doing any painting last weekend I made up for it this weekend !
It was a miserable rainy weekend, perfect painting weather.
I fired up some music on Spotify and decided to start small with some pretty frames I had bought at the car boot sale.

I had 3 of these and thought they looked a bit boring and plain so I lighlty brushed them with some Annie Sloan Graphite, and before the paint dried I wiped some of it off to the colour underneath showed through.

I think they look fab! It's good to try out new colours and techniques on small things rather than on something big like a table, because if you don't like it you can just paint over it and you haven't wasted too much paint.

Next I chose a nice little wooden pedestal table, also from a car boot sale. I am really loving stencilling clocks at the moment, and the last table like this sold really quickly, so decided to paint this one in a darker shade and age the top a bit more. I love the shape of this table.

Im going to show you step by step photos of this one (mainly because I actually rememberd to take step by step photos!!) Firstly, and working with the table upside down initially, I painted entirely in Annie Sloan Graphite.

This shade is stunning and shows off all the beautiful curves. Once dry I masked off round the top with my super duper curvy masking tape (love this stuff!)

Then I painted the top with Annie Sloan Old White for the clock face. I didn't have to be too careful as I will be sanding it back to reveal some of the graphite underneath.

Here is the table sanded back ready for the stencilling.

I wasn't sure what time to set the hands to on the table and the clock I have in the workshop was at 17 minutes to 6.

So, decision made !

I felt with the table being such a dark colour that the white was too bright and new looking, so after distressing the pedestal and the table edges I then sealed with clear wax, I then finished off with some dark wax to give a more aged, weathered look.

I really like how this has turned out, and a nice quick one to do :)
Next, I turned my attention to a couple of tables I painted a while back. This little swivel top table has been up for sale  on ebay for a while with little interest. Time for a makeover!!

I masked off the top leaving a border of around an inch, then painted the top with some watered down Old White and Paris Grey.

I painted with a 3" brush dragging the paint across to look like planks of wood. Once dry I set to work with my stencilling.

You guessed it, another clock!! Hadn't tried out my number stencil before and I think it looks pretty cool. Once I had completed the clockface and let it dry, I then masked off the edge again to paint a narrow dark border.

I think it makes the clockface stand out better.

Again I aged this one with some dark wax, and I will list on ebay soon and see if this new look gets more interest ;)
While I was stencilling (and I do love stencilling) I thought I would jazz up another table I have in the house that I use as a side table at the end of a sofa.

I always thought this table was abit plain, but couldn't decide what to do with it. Until now!
Ta Da!!

I know, I know.I have gone a bit mad stencilling clocks! I will try to have a break from them.
Some good news!
I sold the duck egg blue deco dressing table yesterday and it will be collected on Sunday. The lady who bought it is furnishing a large farmhouse and may be looking for some other pieces :)

Right, time to clock off!!
Sorry for not blogging on Sunday but I was in the zone painting and time got away from me!!
Have a great week !

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