Saturday, 27 February 2016

Big Catch Up !!

Can’t believe it’s 4 months since I updated my blog!! I am so sorry for not posting for so long L
I was ill with a few different viruses before Christmas, and was thankfully fully recovered before our trip to Venice. 

What a brilliant time of year to go when there are 50% fewer tourists than the warmer months. We flew out on Boxing Day and were there for 4 night, and it was really freezing and misty, but the mist added a mystical atmosphere and all the Christmas fairy lights made it look magical.

St Marks Square
I would definitely go back again at this time of year. Here are just a few of the 800 or more photos I took !!

Murano Glass

Arty shot ;)
It has been so cold over the winter months that I have not been venturing into the workshop at the weekends to paint, and I have only got back into it in the last few weeks. Just before Christmas I decided I wanted a change and sold my much loved welsh dresser. 

This was the first piece of furniture I painted, and after seeing the transformation it made me want to do more J
I needed something to put where it had been in the lounge so thought I would paint up this little cupboard I bought from a charity shop.

I wanted to try using Annie Sloan Emperors Silk again. I do love this colour but it can look a bit pink and bright, so I toned it down by ageing at the waxing stage by adding some dark wax over the clear wax. It is a much better shade now.

I also sanded down the top, but this piece is not solid wood so had to be careful not to sand right through the veneer.
Using clear wax on the wood has given it a lovely rich colour, and I treated myself to a new mirror to put on the wall above this (still haven’t hung it yet though!). These pretty tulips my friend bought me look lovely on it.

This next little side table has hardly any straight edges! beautiful curved legs and top. Can't remember where I bought this one. Seemed a bit of a shame to paint over this lovely wood grain.

First I gave it a coat of Old White, then a couple of coats of Paloma, then when I was sanding to distress I rubbed it back so you could also see some of the white underneath. 

I sealed with clear wax, and it looks really pretty now :) This table has now been sold to a lady who is going to use it as a bedside table.

Don't know if you remember the Greek Blue Porthole bathroom cabinet I painted last year? I listed it a few times on ebay and Gumtree and it just wouldn't sell, so I repainted it in Old White.

It is listed again with a low starting price. Sometimes you have to take the loss to move things on :( The shell knob alone cost me £3. Swings and roundabouts as they say !!
Now, here are a few more projects I am working on at the moment -

Claw foot coffee table & little drum table

Close up of claw foot

Repair to veneer using wood filler
Bedside cabinet I finished recently, which is now listed for sale -

Small pine dining table, and I am also painting a couple of pine chairs to match ;)

Painted in Provence
This next chair I am painting for a friend at work for her newly decorated bedroom.

It has been in the family for generations, and nice t think I am giving it a new lease of life. I have painted in Old White, and bought some nice grey polka dot fabric that will look fab in her new room :)

A couple of nice pieces I have waiting in the wings now, and I will post updates on their makeovers in  future blogs -

I had some fantastic news at the end of last year !!

My son and his wife in NYC are expecting a baby girl in May. I am so excited as this is my first grandchild :)
As if I haven't got enough going on with working Mon-Thurs and painting at the weekend I have now become addicted to knitting, and I will have a big bundle of tiny little knitted clothes to take across in my suitcase when I go across mid May. 

One of many !!

Let's hope the baby comes early and I get a cuddle before I come home !

Have a great week !!

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