Sunday, 6 March 2016

Happy Mothers Day !

It is Mothers Day in the UK today, so I have had a nice lazy Sunday. Got some nice pressies from my two boys, and Russell bought me some nice flowers for the house in remembrance of my Mum :)

Only a few weeks now until the car boot sales start up again. We can't wait!! There is nothing like getting up on a Sunday morning, grabbing a quick breakfast and heading out to look for treasures and bargains. We love it !!

Most of the sales we like close down over winter, and start up again in April. I do manage to source a lot of furniture for painting on ebay, but the best bargains are always at car boot sales. people would rather sell things cheaply than take them home again ;)

Picked this table and chairs up yesterday. I have a nice table in the shed I might put the chairs with to sell, and I might just flip this table as I am so short of space to store stuff just now.

The chairs are nice and sturdy, but the seat pads are a bit marked so I think I  might cover them in the quirky snellen chart fabric I bought more of :) and paint the table and chairs in a very dark grey.

I finished off the two clock tables this weekend. They are both painted in French Linen, with Old White used for the clock face. Here is the finished pedestal table.

The coffee table took a bit more work as the veneer had been damaged on the top. I removed the area that was loose then used wood filler to fill the area.

Then once it had dried I sanded it smooth and left for a day to totally dry out before painting. the oil in the wood did come through the paint quite a bit with this table, but a few coats of paint did the trick and I was then able to stencil the clock face design.

I put some Graphite onto a plastic lid and dab excess paint off the brush on some kitchen roll before stippling on with a normal paint brush. I hold the stencil in place with masking tape.

To seal and protect the surface I waxed first with clear wax, then added some dark wax to give an aged look. This table also has a nice glass top which will also protect the surface. Here is the finished table I listed on ebay today. I love the ball and claw feet!

Next I turned my attention to the table and chair set I have painted with Provence. The table was a bit wobbly, but Russell managed to tighten all the nuts and bolts up for me and it is lovely and sturdy now. As I am in a clock mood I decided to use this design on top of the table. I used the glass top from the coffee table to draw a circle on the white painted top, then masked with my stretchy masking tape ready to paint the edge.

I will give the edge another coat of Provence then remove the masking tape and stencil the clock face. Then everything will get sanded back to give a nice distressed look, and then I will seal with a few coats of wax. I may use some dark wax to age, but I will wait and decide later.

Remember the chair I was painting? Well it is all finished now. I removed the seat pad and stripped the old leatherette fabric off. It took some work to prise all the old rusty nails out, but my staple removing upholstery tool really helped.

It looks much fresher now with it's new spotty cover :)

and here is the finished chair. Painted with 3 coats of Old White, and sealed with clear wax.

So that's about it for this week! I am hoping to get the Provence table and chairs finished and listed next weekend, then I think I will make a start on this beauty ! I will have to decide what colour to paint it!! Always takes me ages to choose !!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Catch up with you next week.

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