Saturday, 18 June 2016

Back pain, but back painting :)

Well, where do I start? I have so many projects for you to catch up with so I will just get started. I have also been to New York since I last posted, so I will write a separate post to tell you about my trip.

Since my last post I have also suffered a back injury and was off work for 4 weeks! I won’t bore you with the details, but it was very painful and I have still not fully recovered so I have to be careful moving furniture about.

I was half way through painting a nice pine pedestal table in Provence with a clock design so here are the step by step pics. After painting the table I masked off a circle on the table top with my wonderful stretchy masking tape, then painted the circle for the clock face in Old White.

I marked out where the numbers should go, then stencilled with Graphite using a small ordinary paint brush and only a small amount of paint on the brush after dabbing it off on kitchen paper

I LOVE painting clocks faces, maybe because I have a thing for real clocks, and have some fab ones I have collected over the years.

I sold this one as a bistro set with the two matching chairs I painted, and the lady who bought it loved it :)

My next big project was a lovely dresser with glass doors in the top section. I bought this one on ebay, and collected it from the seller in Kidsgrove.

I started, as always, by turning it upside down. I decided to paint this one in Duck Egg Blue, one of my favourite Annie Sloan colours. If the wood is quite dark to start with it can take quite a few coats to cover with white or cream. Using a colour closer in shade to the wood makes painting easier and cheaper ;)

I removed all the doors, and also the hinges, as they were really nice decorative ones I didn't want to paint over them. I was also able to remove the glass from the top doors which really helped get a nice clean finish.

A quick tip for painting cupboard doors - stand them on a couple of paint pots to allow you to do the edges.

I really enjoyed painting this one, the paint just covered so well and it was easy to take apart and reassemble, a lovely piece of furniture.

As a little extra finishing touch I also changed all the handles and added some trellis design stencilling to the drawer.

Ta da!!

Really happy with this dresser, and it has now sold to a lady in Leeds.

I saw this lovely black oriental cupboard in a local shop and just had to have it. Not sure what colour to paint it in as I quite like the black, but it will need a touch up as there is a scratch on the top.

Not a bad price at £40. I love all the drawers! Might look good if I do them in different colours and change the handles? Hmm...... I think I will take my time deciding.

Another purchase was this quirky metal mirror I bought on ebay. Still not found the perfect spot for it in my house, and if there just isn't one I will sell it on. I really like it though, quite industrial looking.

Still have loads of projects to get you up to date on so check back soon. The next post will be a quick New York trip post with some pics I took there.

See you soon!!

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  1. Love my new duck egg blue dresser... Now just need to bring the rest of the kitchen up to scratch to deserve it! Thank you :)