Sunday, 26 June 2011

Hot Hot Hot

Well, I moan my head off about the weather - how Summer just doesn't seem to have arrived this year. Then all of a sudden......29degrees!! Planned to get a lot done today but I am sooo hot!!

Nearly finished the first order for the shop in Cornwall, just waiting on varnish drying on these hand made paper beads so I can make 2 x butterfly necklaces up. Rest of the order is ready to go.

Went "up 'anley duck" this morning to the Hinde St car boot sale. It was very busy and I thought I was bound to get tons of stuff, but ended up only getting a large china teapot. It is a very nice teapot though, in excellent condition and BIG! and I only paid £1 for it. It will look lovely in the garden with a plant in it :-)

Cant remember if I said before but I picked up 3 tatty wooden garden chairs a month or so back at a car boot sale. Have painted two in old white and the other in paris grey. This afternoon I have stencilled a nice rose design on the chair backs, and once they have dried (which will be soon in this heat!) Decided not to wax them as I think they will look really good as they weather and distress with use, they can then be freshened up with a coat of paint if needed.

Planning to put them on my new Folksy shop as I only have one thing on there just now. Will also get started on the nice bureau next weekend, dying to see it painted, always such a transformation

While I was waiting for paint drying I also put a first coat of paris grey on an old frame I had sitting about the house, will add another coat then distress and wax (will post pics of finished frame next week)

Watched a Nick Cage film last night (Drive Angry). I was just in the mood for an action film with some cool cars in it!! Also had our Saturday night chinese takeaway, which I enjoyed even more this week as I started Weight Watchers on Tuesday and have been strictly keeping to it all week. Their new diet allows you an extra 49 points to spend on anything you like through the week so takes the guilt out of having some treats at the weekend, which is great! I have just over 10 weeks till the California Road Trip so will be "good" till then. Already thinking forward to next year's holiday too, and thinking either a Florida Road Trip or driving coast to coast across the US. Very exciting!!

Can't believe its after 6 now, where do the weekends go? Going to go and get dinner in the oven - Tandoori chicken (low fat version) ;-)

Hope you have a great week!!

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