Monday, 21 May 2012

Mid May.....hem!

Hi again! Just can't seem to find time at the weekend to do my blog as I am always too busy, so have decided to sit and write it in the evening while Russell plays his new game on XBox.

Had a "Grand Day out" in Derby on Saturday with our friends and their 10 month old baby, Phoebe. She was so well behaved and we all had a nice time at the shops.I love visiting the Westfield Centre, where you can park and walk straight to the shops without going outside. They have really good, unusual shops too and a brilliant cinema. It's really spacious and bright, with an excellent food court

 Sunday was a nice day too so as usual we went to Hanley Car boot sale. I bought quite a few things, including a small bedside table, an old retro mirror that has been painted with horrible silver paint, 2 x plate racks, a chair for 50p! and a nice little pottery planter hand painted with daisies.

I didnt seem to have much time when I got back home on Sunday but I still managed to get quite a lot done. I finished painting the plaster mirror, but there are a few small cracks appearing round the frame and I don't think I can risk listing it on eBay in case it is damaged, so might just keep for myself :-)

Most of my eBay listings ended on Sunday. I sold the large dresser for £125, and the buyer came with a van to collect it this evening. She was very happy with it and left the following feedback for me on eBay - "Great solid piece of furniture. Lovingly restored. Great ebayer" :-)

I also sold a bedside table for £15, table for £12, bathroom cabinet (I paid 99p for) for £8, and I have to tell you about a little trinket box I bought at last week's car boot sale. I bought it for £1, thought it looked a bit shabby chic. I listed it on eBay starting at £4.50 and immediately started getting a lot of interest in it, with emails from new Zealand and Canada from buyers asking if I would post it out to them. The listing ended last night and the final price was just over £36!

I am now looking everywhere for more of this "Belle Fiore" pottery at the sales as the factory (which has recently been demolished) is not far from here.

I am half way through painting 2 x bedside cabinets in Old White, and have almost finished 2 pretty pine shelves with heart cutouts that I have distressed. Also painted up a couple of pictire frames, but might keep one for myself as I really like them.

Hope you have a good week. That's all for now folks!

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