Sunday, 3 June 2012

Diamond Jubilee Weekend...Yeh!

Well it is Sunday lunchtime, and I am about to start work on my furniture. Thought I would do a before the bank holiday weekend, and then one after to show you what I managed to get done.

I have already been for an overnight stay in Blackpool on Friday, shopping in Blackpool on Saturday, and a trip to IKEA in Warrigton on the way home. Nice chinese last night and a relaxing long lie this morning. Just had lunch and raring to go now :-)

Opposite Blackpool Tower on Pomenade

Had an offer from a local businessman in Sandbach last weekend to buy some furniture from me to sell in his warehouse, but I have emailed him this morning to say I would rather not. I have been working on 2 x dressing tables for him, and I have not enjoyed refurbishing them as much as usual. This could be be down to the lower price deal I made with him, or the fact I will miss out on the actual sale on eBay which I enjoy, and meeting the buyer when they come to collect (which can also lead to more business)
 He was very understanding, and is going to buy 1 of the dressing tables for the price we agreed, and will also buy anything, at a reduced price, that I am struggling to sell in the future.

Oh, I also went quad biking last weekend!

Quad Biking with Russell at Ashcroft Park, Uttoxeter
Last weekend's car boot sale was good, and I also bought a nice old sideboard on eBay, I will post some more pics on the second part of this blog on Tuesday.

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