Sunday, 21 April 2013

Life Laundry Week !

What a nice week I have had, I must make the most of this time off between jobs. I had a lovely lunch out with my friend Sharon at Emma Bridgewater Factory on Monday. Everything is so overpriced there, but it is a nice place to sit and catch up over lunch, and their coffee is really nice served in their expensive pottery mugs :0)
On Tuesday we arranged to have a valuation done on our house as we are going to put it on the market. We would like our next home to be a little bit bigger, and detached, so we will see what happens. It could take a long time to sell in the current climate, so we are trying not to get too excited about moving just yet. Once we have a buyer we will then look at what is available, and might even have to go into rented accommodation for a few months in between houses. We have decided to sell with Butters John Bee, a local Estate Agent  (we really love the name, and can't help but say it in a Yorkshire accent!)
So, we are having a big clear out and tidy up as we are having the photos taken for the sales brochure and website on Thursday this week. I had a massive wardrobe de-clutter, and currently have nearly 30 items listed on ebay. Anything that doesn't sell will go to a charity shop. Bought some nice plants yesterday to add a bit of colour to the garden, it all helps! I don't think Russell will be getting rid of many of these DVD's!! They will be carefully packaged and taken to the new house ;0)
So, to continue with the welsh dresser I started last week. I made  start to the base on Tuesday and finally finished it today. It is now listed for sale on ebay for £195 (or best offer). Here are the progress pics......


I will leave this in the conservatory as it will look good in the brochure for the house sale. I will have to hide all my paint and tools away in the shed on Thursday, but they wont be there for long.
On the work side, I had a call from the agency to say they may have a temp job for me starting a week tomorrow. It's a Project Support Officer post with Stoke on Trent Council, but they will be interviewing for it this week so I will keep my fingers crossed.

Culcreuch Castle
My niece Carlyn is getting married at the beginning of June and I am so looking forward to being there. They are having the wedding and reception at the stunning Culcreuch Castle in Scotland at a place called Fintry. It looks beautiful! Since moving down to England 5 years ago I haven't seen as much of my family, so it will be brilliant to see them all and catch up with their news.
Looking forward to this coming week, loads going on, and Russell has a week off work so we can have a few days out here and there. Going into Hanley tomorrow and having both the cars valeted with Groupon vouchers in the Potteries Car Park while we go for breakfast and do some shopping :0)
This is the bedspread I won on ebay a few weeks ago for £1.04. What a bargain eh??!!
Hope you have a great week!!

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