Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Want to buy a house?

Well we worked so hard last week and managed to get the house looking amazing for the photos on Thursday. We are now on Rightmove and Butters John Bee websites. All my painting gear was safely stored away in the shed, but it has since crept back into the conservatory and it is starting to look like a workshop again :0) I will tidy it up when we get viewers.

Rear of the house with tidy garden :0)
Sorry I didn't manage to get this blog written on Sunday, but we were having problems with our internet connection. Seems fine now though. Last Friday we had an afternoon out at one of our favourite places.

We had lunch out in a little country pub just along the road, which was ridiculously expensive, in fact so bad that we ordered 1 lunch and shared it! Won't be going back there again. Dagfields was fantastic as always. There are about half a dozen big warehouses all sectioned off into little units where people can sell stuff. Jewellery, antiques, toys, furniture, memorabilia, clothes etc. There is also a leather shop, soap maker, craft shop, garden shop and two cafes.
As you can see, every available space is used and it takes ages to go round all the units. A lot of the stuff is overpriced, especially when you are used to car boot sale prices,but it is fun looking and we usually buy something when we go. It's also a nice drive there through the Cheshire villages.
On Sunday, we also went to Hanley car boot sale. It was really busy as the weather was nice. I picked up a few bits and pieces. A nice little picture frame for 50p (keeping this one)
A solid crystal candlestick for an unbelievable 20p!!
a nice little chunky pine frame for 50p that I will paint and sell
and a nice little bedside/lamp table with a small drawer, for £4, which I have almost finished transforming, so here are the before and after pictures :0)
This was a nice one to try out the new Annie Sloan Graphite coloured paint. It is so amazing how the wax soaks into the chalky paint, and once buffed with a soft cloth has an almost lacquer feel. I changed the plain brass style drawer knob to a nice crystal one, and I am really pleased with the way it has turned out. I will dress it tomorrow and take some photos for ebay, might use that new frame I got at the boot sale, it should go well with it.
The welsh dresser is still listed on ebay. I have reduced the price to £185, but I am not in a rush to sell as it looks really nice in the conservatory for people viewing the house! I used a lot of my ornaments etc from my own dresser to decorate it, and had to look out more things to make my own one look pretty again. :0)
Bought a big coffee table on ebay recently and picked it up on Saturday and started painting it this week. Decided to go for Paris Grey for this one, and will distress it quite a bit before waxing. It looked quite small in the ebay pic.
But it's 4" across!! Much bigger than expected, and good value for £2.70 !
 I will post pics of the finished article in the next blog
Still no job yet, but I am managing ok for now. I made quite a lot of money selling all the clothes, shoes and jewellery I no longer needed on ebay. Posted 9 parcels off today !
Have a good week, and I will try and post next Sunday (internet permitting!) :0)

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