Sunday, 5 May 2013

Awards Dinner at Keele Hall :0)

Wow, what a brilliant week for selling on eBay. The beautiful welsh dresser sold this week for £150, and it was picked up yesterday. I am missing it in the conservatory, it looked so nice with all my special plates and ornaments on it.

I also sold a little white table I listed a couple of weeks ago, and the bedside table I bought at the car boot sale last weekend. It is being collected tomorrow.

Would you believe I am actually running out of things to paint now. I have worked my way through almost everything in the shed. The last 2 things I have are a big sideboard, that I am hoping to make a start on the week, and a pine dining table and four chairs I bought at the beginning of last year.

I am not sure what colour to paint the sideboard with, but have made a start to the table and chairs, and will leave the table top, and the chair seats wood and paint the rest with Annie Sloan Old White
I started with the legs - painted them with 2 coats of old white, then distressed and waxed. I will post pics of the finished pieces next week. Tricky painting the back of the chair and not the seat, so will mask off with tape for a neat finish.
I also had a massive clear out of my jewellery last weekend and listed a lot of brooches, earrings etc for sale on ebay. I sold most of them, some of the prettier and older brooches selling for around £8, which was nice. This sweet little enamelled cat brooch (above) sold to a really nice lady who won it for 99p. She sent me a lovely message after the auction had ended.....
Rest assured your little cat will have a good home with me, I chose him because his colours and big tail look a lot like my dear departed cat Squeaky.
I will wear the brooch and think of my much loved friend.

I found this little bedside cabinet in the back of the shed when I cleared it out this week, I had forgotten I had it! It has a little slide out shelf, handy for putting your morning cup of tea on ;0)
I painted it in Annie Sloan Duck Egg Blue, then distressed and waxed with an mixture of clear and dark wax to give it an aged look. Here are the progress pics -


I will list this one on ebay tonight. Bedside cabinets always sell well. Had to get little ted in the pic. He has a little paint smudge on his nose - so cute!  I am sure things sell quicker when he is in the pic.
The car boot sale this morning was good. We got there before 9am and it was already mobbed! I managed to find another bedside cabinet, needs some new handles though.

Picked up this set of picture frames for £1.50, I quite like the colour of them so not sure if I will repaint, but I will change the pictures and sell them individually. They have nice double mounts.

Also found this really unusual shaped mirror. It is really old, and I have never seen one this shape before. I will definitely paint this one.

 I finished off the big coffee table, looks really nice in Paris Grey, and has a lovely sheen to it. Currently listed for sale on eBay.

A bit of excitement this week! Russell was nominated for an award at his work, and we were invited to Keele Hall for the awards dinner on Wednesday night. It was brilliant!! he wasn't expecting to win, but came runner up, and was over the moon!! He was given a framed award certificate for Professional Mentor of the Year 2013. So proud of him!!

Keele Hall
The Keele campus is so beautiful. It is the 6th largest campus in the UK. I can't wait to work there, but still enjoying my time off between jobs and painting my furniture.
Hope you have a great week!


  1. That's a lot of stuff sold—nice! xx

  2. Nice lady that picked up a bedside table today is interested in having some of her furniture painted too :0) busy, busy xx